Accelerated Healing "10-Day Acupuncture Challenge" 

"I'm a busy professional and needed to get my energy and mood back up to top condition as quickly as possible. At work I had gone through a very intense prolonged period and needed to build my energy reserves back up quickly. Kathleen was open to trying what we called the "10 day acupuncture challenge".  It did the job and a little over two weeks I was fast tracked to getting my energy back to normal saving months of time. Thank you Kathleen for the extra time and wiliness to find solutions outside the box." ~ Tony T.

An alternative for frequent treatment can be two to three times per week during regular office hours. Please contact me for more details. This program is customized to fit your needs and my availability.

The 10-day acupuncture challenge was inspired by the more frequent acupuncture treatments that are often seen within the research in the journals of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is common that patients go in for a series of 5 to 10 days consecutively with a short break, followed by another course of treatment as needed until the symptoms have been alleviated. A course of treatment could also be acupuncture treatment every other day rather than daily. This more consistent treatment facilitates and promotes healing of many conditions without having the condition digress between treatments. When treated this way a patient can experience great healing in a short period of time of 10 to 25 days rather than 3 to 6 months of once weekly acupuncture that is most common in the United States. 


This type of program also provides on-going, comprehensive support to with positive thinking and attitude to help your mind and body be more balanced and energized. This holistic approach addresses all of you - the physical, mental, emotional and energetic aspects, helping to create optimal health for healing of chronic issues including sleep, anxiety, digestion, hormonal, metabolic, pain and inflammatory conditions. The consistent acupuncture treatment can carry you into wholeness and balance. This treatment compresses 3 - 6 months of weekly acupuncture into a more frequent schedule to accelerate your healing. For individuals who are wanting to dramatically change their health status this can be a solution.

I recommend coming in for a New Patient Acupuncture appointment and we can see how you respond to your session and discuss if Accelerated Healing is appropriate for you. 

The Accelerated Healing acupuncture challenge can be used for many conditions: fatigue, adrenal burn out, mood, digestion, sleep problems, chronic inflammatory conditions, painful conditions, arthritis, autoimmune issues, hormonal or metabolic conditions.  

More Information from the National Institutes of Health discussing Acupuncture for Pain.