Specialty Services

Esoteric Acupuncture

This treatment that uses specific esoteric acupuncture points that work with the Prana or Qi life force energy field which is the totality of your energy field – because you are 70% light! Esoteric acupuncture works on the refinement level so that you are able to hold onto higher life force energy and a refined life force energy which duplicates the perfection of the spirit’s blueprint of the body. It sets in the perfection of the blueprint of the physical form from the spirit level, while it refines the energy field so it can hold onto the original blueprint. It is able to shift the mindset out of rigidity, as well as shifting resistance to the perfection your physical form and the perfection of your life in totality of how you are originally created to utilize the dynamic powers that God has already given you.

Energetic Rejuvenation - Acupuncture with Reiki

A unique treatment that combines acupuncture and Reiki to initiate healing. These sessions will further identify and bring into healing the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic blocks that are creating disharmony. The treatment works by resetting the acupuncture meridians, bringing the body into electrical and energetic balance while amplifying the absorption of Reiki energy. The body comes into a natural alignment to receive a greater volume healing. The result is the ability to hold and maintain the energetic shift for a longer period of time. Energetic Rejuvenation supports retained stamina, self-esteem, emotional balance, clearer decision-making, clearer thinking and improved memory.

 Gary Young's Neuro-Auricular Technique with Reiki and
Six Essential Oils  

A therapeutic acupressure and essential oil treatment which uses six different therapeutic-grade essential oils to help detox, reprogram, and balance neural connections. ​NAT is helpful for bringing in support and healing to muscular damage, overcoming recreational drug usage, assists to reset the brain, improves memory, neck injuries, concussions, head trauma, or accidents of head and neck, scoliosis, spinal injuries, Lupus, arthritis, joint stiffness and pain, degeneration in bones or joints, and low back stiffness and pain. NAT stimulates old injuries into growth and healing. It helps to simply reprogram unhealthy brain patterns that hinder one's ability to let go of stress and trauma.

“Kathleen always treated me based on what I was experiencing at the moment; everything was customized to me and my situation. I feel so indebted to Kathleen for their care during this challenging period of my life. The result was a healthy and beautiful baby girl. I never could have gotten to this place without Kathleen’s care.”

- KM, Mount Horeb, WI