Allergy Testimonials

Hives Resolved with Acupuncture, Diet and Chinese Herbs​​​​​​​​​​
"I am so thankful for Kathleen. I had hives for 2 years. The doctors didn't know what was causing it. They put me on a steroid prescription that made it go away temporarily, but only to return again. A friend told me about acupuncture and gave me Kathleen's name. I thought I'd give it a try. She has helped me. I have not had any hives for 9 months. I feel better, have more energy and I am also sleeping better. What I appreciate most about Kathleen is if she doesn't have an answer she will research until she does have an answer. She is a very compassionate person. She really cares and wants to help people. I'm very thankful for her." - Traci K.

Acupuncture Helped Chronic Arm Pain and Discovery of Celiac Disease

"I very much appreciate Kathleen's caring and comforting demeanor during my recovery.  I am also grateful to Kathleen for helping me learn the strong effect that diet has on one's ability to heal." - SE 

(Note: This patient later found out she had full blown Celiac Disease)


Chronic Leaky Gut Improved with Acupuncture and Diet​​​​​​​​​​
"I have had digestive issues for a good portion of my life and was constantly being told that it was, “just IBS or stress” by my doctors/allergists. I soon learned to ignore these issues. Little did I realize some of the stress was caused by my chronic condition. A couple of years ago, I started seeing Kathleen. In time, she was able to figure out that I had Leaky Gut Syndrome and we would then have to figure out what was causing my issues. In doing some lab tests, it was found that I had an intestinal parasite, bacteria, food sensitivities and Candida. No wonder why I was having digestive issues! With the help of prescribed medicine from my doctor to rid me of the parasites, my treatment with Kathleen, and my change in lifestyle/eating habits, my journey to better health had begun. Now, a year later, I am feeling so much better! I am still healing, but I feel like a new person! Healing is a journey, not something that happens overnight. Patience is key and in time, the results are well worth the wait! If it weren’t for Kathleen, I don’t know where I’d be now." - Carla