Arm, Wrist and Shoulder Pain Testimonials

Successfully Treated Shoulder Pain with Acupuncture
“Kathleen Stoneman is extremely proficient in acupuncture, and successfully treated my condition of shoulder pain in less than 10 sessions. She is also very knowledgeable in a large variety of Chinese herbs, and custom blended a formulation just for me. She is very friendly and communicates well with her clients.” - SM


Gluten Allergy and Arm Pain & Weakness Improved with Diet and Acupuncture
"I very much appreciate Kathleen's caring and comforting demeanor during my [arm pain and weakness] recovery.  I am also grateful to Kathleen for helping me learn the strong effect that diet has on one's ability to heal." - SE


Acupuncture Supports Recovery Post-Surgery for Shoulder and Back Pain
"Kathleen Stoneman is an outstanding acupuncturist. I had suffered first from an extensive shoulder injury and second from ruptured spinal discs. My surgeons recommended acupuncture and Kathleen provided me excellent service. She takes great care to get to know her clients and provide the service that supports them the best. She helped me to relax - more than I had in months. Once Kathleen started working on me, I did not want her to ever stop. I strongly encourage you to take advantage of Kathleen's talent!" - SW