Breech Baby ~ Spinning Babies Testimonials

Transverse Breech Resolved with Acupuncture and Massage

"During the last 3 weeks of my pregnancy I received news that my baby had turned from head down to transverse - a condition that nearly always necessitates a cesarean delivery.  I was so disappointed as my goal was a natural delivery. I was determined to do anything I could to avoid the standard medical treatment for this condition (a "version" where an OB provider manually attempts to turn baby in a hospital setting and under medication). Kat was very accommodating and saw me that weekend for acupuncture.  In under three days that little baby had turned with the help of acupuncture and maya abdominal massage! I sincerely appreciate the expert skills and utmost calmness shown to me by Kat during my pregnancy journey." - JK

Moxibustion and Acupuncture Treatment Turn Breech Baby
"I had an acupuncture session with Kathleen Stoneman to help turn my baby from breech position. She gave me moxibustion sticks to use at home. I used them twice and the next day had an ultrasound and the baby was turned head down. He is still head-down and doing well! Thank you very much for helping us!" - TS