Consultation Services at Metamorphosis

One-to-One sessions are designed to allow you to schedule time to work on any issue – emotional, physical, mental, energetic, or spiritual. Your choice of coaching, energy work, breathing, essential oil testing, herbal, supplement or dietary guidance, plus the cost of take home essential oils, supplements or herbs (and shipping if applicable).

​Individualized Life, Spirituality and Health Coaching

Are you looking for techniques to bring greater happiness and connection to the Divine within you? At each encounter tools will be introduced based on individual needs to address stress, lifestyle, negative thought patterns, energetic or emotional imbalances. Simple tools such as breathing, positive thinking, mindfulness, meditation, tapping and/or clearing techniques will be taught as appropriate.
Please note: I am not a psychotherapist and I will refer out to licensed professional counselor as necessary.

Energy Work and Reiki

Kathleen combines intuitive guidance and ancient wisdom with traditional Reiki, connecting with the Angels and the Divine, Shamanic healing techniques, and Divine Coding in her energy sessions based on individual needs. In this time of sacred space you can relax and more easily connect to the higher truth, your spirit and your Divine helpers. Schedule One-on-One with Kathleen for this type of session. A combined acupuncture with energy work session is available as Energetic Rejuvenation, please see description of this session under Specialty Services.

Chinese Herbal Consultation
Additional cost for herbs and shipping (if applicable)

Traditional Chinese herbs have been used for thousand of years to support the body's blood, qi, internal organs, immune system, hormone balance, and energy. Individualized formulas can be designed to treat a specific symptom as well as the constitutional patterns. In Traditional Chinese Medicine we treat both the branch (the symptom) and the root (the constitution). Custom formulas are available to treat sleep issues, anxiety, irritability, digestive complaints, skin irritations, colds or flu, sinus issues, immune system, pain throughout the body, headaches, menstrual irregularities, infertility, peri-menopause symptoms, high cholesterol, and more. Custom formulas are also available to support each phase of the menstrual cycle (follicular, ovulatory, luteal) in women, or to improve sperm motility, count and morphology in men.


Traditional Chinese Medicine Dietary Guidance

One thing that most of us do everyday is eat! Traditional Chinese Medicine assessment identifies the constitutional patterns and individualized dietary guidance to shift long-standing imbalances in the body and emotions, supports healthy blood sugar and assists in bringing the hormones back into balance. Traditional Chinese Medicine has thousands of years of experience using food as medicine. The appropriate dietary guidance can correct an imbalance, move a body into health and it can keep us healthy to prevent future disease. By eating foods that support our health everyday we are supporting our health goals with every bite. You will receive handouts to assist you with incorporating new dietary recommendations at the New Client appointment, or at other sessions as needed. If new acute conditions surface the dietary recommendations are modified to better support the body in healing the new condition.


Therapeutic-grade Essential Oil Consultation

Additional cost for essential oils to take home

Essential oils are the volatile liquids and active components within plants. This blood of the plant has powerful medicinal qualities to influence the Limbic area of the brain and through the brain reaching the entire body. These pure essences are used to provide not only a therapeutically relaxing environment during acupuncture, but the essential oils are powerful tools to facilitate healing on the physical, mental, emotional and energetic levels. Body testing can be utilized, as well as emotional release techniques to neutralize and reset negative thought and emotional states. Essential oils will be applied during the session and are selected to support your individual situation. Emotional release techniques with positive affirmations are available to take with you as homework for on-going therapy. ​

Breathing Techniques
Breathing techniques are recognized by modern day physicians as an effective stress management tool to combat muscle tension, anxiety, depression and low energy. The breath is a powerful tool that directly connects to the nervous system to bring regulation and balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Traditional Pranayama yoga techniques, as well as simplified breathing patterns will be taught to support well-being. By bringing the stress response into check and oxygenating the brain and all the tissues of the body, breathing techniques are an easy and effective tool to support healing in the mind and body. Read more of the benefits of Breathing Techniques.

Note: All pricing is subject to change without notice. I will make announcements in email newsletter please opt-in.