Holistic Support for Medical Fertility Treatments IVF and IUI

Since April 2007, Kathleen has provided holistic acupuncture support for clients undergoing assisted reproductive technologies such as IUI, IVF, sperm donor IUI and IVF, egg donor IVF, and embryo donor and adoption IVF at fertility clinics in Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Oregon and Colorado.  She enjoys assisting with acupuncture support for clients with complex fertility challenges. 


Kathleen often coordinates care for on-site acupuncture* at Wisconsin Fertility Institute in Middleton, WI for clients undergoing embryo transfer with IVF.  She also coordinates treatment in her office for clients work at UW Generations, and other clinics in Illinois. Some clients choose to travel far for IVF treatments and Kathleen can coordinate a treatment plan for all phases of ART while here in Madison. Please contact Kathleen Stoneman directly for more information on timing these specialized treatments, and for recommendations of treatment to prepare a fertile foundation prior to the IVF or IUI process begins. Metamorphosis offers comprehensive care  to enhance male and female fertility and support long-term fertility goals.

* Additional trip charge of $75.00 applies in addition to acupuncture fee for on-site acupuncture. Please contact Kathleen well in advance to coordinate schedules for embryo transfer. It is best for you to schedule a new patient appointment 10 to 90 days prior to transfer to meet with Kathleen and have an initial acupuncture session rather than waiting for transfer day. 


Enhance your fertility by scheduling a New Acupuncture Fertility Foundation appointment now.

New Fertility Foundation Client Initial Acupuncture Appointment ​

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medical Consult for New Fertility Clients $200

Please plan on being at office for 2 hours to complete the session - Download forms here.

​The new client fertility foundation appointment allows additional time to review fertility specific issues including any assisted reproduction treatments with physicians, discussing basal body temperature charting benefits for holistic treatment, details of ovulation patters and menstrual patterns along with the relevant general health history including: biomedical diagnoses, medications, or procedures as well as lifestyle, internal organ symptoms, and emotional health. The Traditional Chinese Medical patterns are identified providing direction for diet, herbs and lifestyle changes. Benefits of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine and nutritional supplements are determined based on both biomedical and Traditional Chinese Medical patterns of imbalance. This holistic approach facilitates the body's natural healing process. If time allows basic essential oil application included. If time allows basic essential oil application included, but essential oils for at home use are additional cost. 


Kathleen has helped many women achieve healthy pregnancy while successfully overcoming obstacles such as recurrent miscarriage, recurrent pregnancy loss, failed in-vitro fertilizations (failed IVFs), polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase mutations (MTHFR), Factor V Leiden, endometriosis, hormone imbalance, automimmune infertility, anovulation, advanced maternal age, low AMH, poor egg quality, and low ovarian reserve. Many clients are diagnosed with "unexplained infertility" and Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture can provide answers and treatment to support sub-clinical imbalances that contribute to fertility challenges. Often stress, diet and lifestyle issues are contributing to irregular menstruation, lack of conception and poor pregnancy outcomes. 


Many healthy babies have been born through IUI, IVF and natural pregnancies with Kathleen’s support. Kathleen’s biggest reward is celebrating pregnancy and new life experiences with women and their partners as they transition into parenthood.


Care can be coordinated to support Western assisted reproductive technologies such as intrauterine inseminations (IUI), in-vitro fertilization (IVF), in-vitro fertilization (IVF) with Intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), and other types of medicated cycles. Recommendations will be given for the optimal timing of specific treatments with various assisted reproductive technologies. In some cases, it is important and more powerful to create the fertile foundation within you prior to making that investment in assisted reproductive technologies.


Kathleen tailors treatment plans to fit the needs and desires of her clients and their individual situations.  Please contact Kathleen for a complimentary consultation to learn more about how holistic treatment can support your goal to having a family.


Learn about the Fertile Foundation Program offered at Metamorphosis! A comprehensive customized weekly plan to heal your mind and body while creating enhanced fertility for both men and women.

"Kathleen was referred to me by the Wisconsin Fertility Institute for additional support for the day of my transfer.  Traveling from out of town didn't allow for us to meet and work with one another until the time of our appointment, but that didn't stop me from having one of the most transformative experiences to date!   From our very first contact, Kathleen's professionalism impressed me.   Her streamlined business processes (prompt return call, online scheduling & clear instructions) went above and beyond my expectations.  During a time that is emotional and stressful, compounded with the frustration of commuting several hours from out of town, Kathleen's demeanor and compassion were such a comfort for me.  I was a bundle of nerves before my transfer but the hour that Kathleen and I spent together changed everything and allowed the calm me to resurface!  She was sensitive yet focused.  Her attention to the ambiance (dimming the lights, playing relaxation music and covering me with a blanket to keep me warm) was greatly appreciated as it all was pivotal to the success of the acupuncture treatment.  Her guided meditation allowed my mind to let go of any fears and insecurities, any self-judgment or pain that I was holding onto in order to make space for positivity and goodness which is so critical, especially during this time!   Her presence, kindness, calmness & expertise completely shifted my experience  and I am beyond grateful.   I cannot imagine my transfer without the assistance and tools provided by Kathleen.  And the fact that she comes directly to the Clinic is such a bonus!  I would recommend to any women who is living with fertility issues, whatever they may be, begin a relationship with Kathleen immediately.   My only regret is that I don't live in the same town!   She is truly a gem."


Jenni Jo

Wausau, Wisconsin July 2014