Headache and Migraine Testimonials

Freedom from Headaches, Sinus Infections and IBS
"I am so thankful for Kathleen's help. I had a sinus infection that was giving me headaches and misery for a month. 2 rounds of antibiotics didn't clear it, but the acupuncture did! I was amazed, after the first couple sessions my sinuses completely cleared! Kathleen also gave me great nutritional advice that drastically improved my health overall. I suffer from IBS too, but with diet changes and acupuncture it has basically turned into a non-issue! I am so grateful for Kathleen and all acupuncture has done for me. Thanks!" - SS

Constant Headaches Relieved with Gentle Acupressure and Magnets

"I came to Kathleen Stoneman after multiple failed IVF attempts. I was at the end of my physical and emotional rope and searching for any kind of help. I had been hesitant to contact an acupuncturist because of the needles. But, when I spoke with Kathleen she assured me that she could use magnets instead of needles. I didn't know what to expect at my first appointment. I was feeling depressed, anxious, and dealing with nearly constant headaches. Kathleen spent the appointment addressing my physical, emotional, and spiritual health. We discussed everything from my diet, to dealing with stress, and getting rid of negative thoughts and memories. Kathleen changed my life drastically in our first meeting. Not only did my body physically feel better, but also I began to heal emotionally. She gave me tools for dealing with the turmoil of IVF. She set me on a path toward forgiveness, peace, harmony, and acceptance. Since that first meeting she has worked with me on a variety of spiritual and emotional issues that affect my whole life. She has taught me how to change my perspective to find joy in every part of life." - Liz