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Irregular Menstruation after the Pill Treated in Three Months

"After several years on birth control my husband and I decided I would go off the pill so we could start our family. Four months after going off of the pill I still had not gotten my period. My doctor gave me progesterone and said this would "re-start" my cycle. After several months and attempts to get my cycle re-started and two rounds of Clomid, I had not become pregnant or gotten a period naturally. I turned to Acupuncture and was lucky enough to be placed with Kathleen. After less than thee months of seeing Kathleen, I got my period naturally and was pregnant the next month with my beautiful baby girl! Kathleen not only got my cycle back on track, but she also provided emotional support and guidance on how to live a healthy life. I am confident that without Kathleen's help I would have resorted to fertility treatments that were not necessary. Words cannot express how grateful I am to Kathleen for helping me through my pregnancy process!" - ST


Acupuncture Supports Pregnancy After Birth Control

“Within 3 months of acupuncture and herbal treatment with a 90% gluten-free diet I ovulated for the first time after discontinuing birth control for a year. I got pregnant immediately and there is no doubt in my mind it is a result of the thorough and professional care of Kathleen. Kathleen was amazingly patient, thorough, and optimistic. I am convinced I had an "easy" pregnancy because of the acupuncture support. Not only did acupuncture help with fertility, but my back and neck felt better than ever." - JG