Write Your New Story Pt 4: Supercharge Your Manifestation

Supercharge your Manifestation How do you super charge your new story and keep the manifestation going? Gratitude! Be thankful for all that you have already and know the new story exists, it is already yours, and it’s coming into your life now. Focus your thoughts on the end result with the emotion to amplify the force of manifestation in your life. Visualize yourself: in the car, job, house, with the family you want – infuse end result with positive emotions. No more judgment or condemnation. No gossip about what someone else does, thinks, or believes. Negativity of self or others lowers your energy. End results show up fast when you hold a higher frequency of energy in your life. Print out

Write Your New Story Pt 3: Create the End Result and Manifest

Write down your New Story and keep it. Read your New Story everyday to reprogram your thinking mind to believe in a life of no limits. Get out of your head and the thoughts of the Old Story. Remember the words you choose and thoughts you focus on are the raw materials for your life. You are creating your life everyday in every moment. Choose your words mindfully and create positive affirmations to keep yourself on track. Write your New Story with the focus only on the end result. Do not concern yourself with the “how” or “when” or “the details” of getting it. Inject positive feelings and gratitude when you think or visualize this end result. This is powerful energy that drives the creative F

Write Your New Story Pt 2: Let Go of the Old

The Old Story is the voice in your head, the stream of mind, compulsive thinking, repeating opinions and judgments of others. When you identify with the thoughts in your head you attach emotion, which in effect builds a stronger charge on those thoughts. Thinking is only a tiny aspect of the consciousness that we are, yet many people believe they are their thoughts. So what is your mind telling you? What is your Old Story? What is the main story of your family or childhood? Do you have a story about school, career, and your accomplishments? Do you have story about your body or health? Do you have story about your relationships? What part of your story is keeping you from happiness? Health? S

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