Four Signs of a Miracle

Your angels will communicate with you in ways that you will instantly recognize if you are paying attention. They will always whisper positive guidance as your inner voice. The inner voice from your angels is always loving and positive. Your angels know you are always doing the best you can in the moment and will never judge you. Your angels also bring you signs in nature that get your attention, there are four signs of a miracle you can receive. These four signs are a way for God and your angels to communicate that you are on track and you are opening up to great light in your life. Miracles happen everyday. Appreciate these signs as wonderful communication and confirmation from the Divine.

Confirmation from your Angels

I like to get feedback from my angels. Asking your angels for CONFIRMATION is one of the ways your angels can communicate with you. What is confirmation? Confirmation is very individual. Your angels know you on a deep level. Your guardian angels are with you since you were born! Your angels will communicate with your in ways that are personal for you and that get your attention. These communications can come in many ways. Often they communicate with us through simple signs in your environment – for example a rainbow, an animal in the wild, a song on the radio, a billboard; or it can be through other people who come into your life. Your job after you ask for confirmation is to PAY ATTENTION!

Talk to your Angels

Everyone has angels whether they are aware of it or not. You have angels even if you do not believe in angels. Your angels honor your free will. They want to help you with all the things going on in your life. It helps if you give your angels permission to help you more. Call on your angels by simply saying, "Angels assist me with whatever I am needing today!" Or I also like to use, "Angels bring me joyful experiences and remind me you are around today!" To increase your connection to your angels all you need to do is talk to them. They are always listening. If you engage with them daily you will find your days filled with smiles and laughter. They are excellent at guiding you to people, pla

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