Dog Companions Can Reincarnate

It was a busy morning November 2013. My dog companion, iMac passed away of Addison's disease in our home. It took me several minutes to realize he had passed and I continued to talk to him at 5:00am that morning. iMac looked like he was peacefully asleep right outside my bedroom door. It was a blessing that he was able to transition in our home. I think he knew I did not have the strength to say goodbye or euthanize him, so he did it on his own. I was so fortunate to know this loving and gentle soul for almost 13 years. It was February 2014, I was still grieving iMac. I had an angel reading scheduled with Memra of who allows me to speak directly to my angels via channeling. Wh

Proof from the Angels in Numbers

Look closely at the license plates in this photo - 111 and 222. I was stopped at the stoplight when I took this photo. I could hardly believe it was true so I had to document it. It was a dreary, rainy day in November 2014. I had been sad and overwhelmed with dealing with my mother's health and wellbeing. It had been several months of severe health issues and she had just "woken up" after being in a near catatonic state for over 8 weeks in a skilled nursing facility in Chicago. I was driving and praying to God to assist me with all the details as she had started her recovering in a miraculous fashion. She was doing well, but she still needed my assistance with many things in her life. She w

Repeating Numbers and the Angels

I first started seeing the repeating numbers 111 and 11 11 around 1999 or 2000. I went online to search about this topic and found that it was a spiritual wake up call from my angels!. I had been studying Reiki since 1997, taken my yoga teacher training course and was a year long Reiki Master Class that year. I was actively working on spirituality and healing of old issues, but I was not familiar with working consciously with my angels at that point. Now I speak with my angels everyday. They speak to me in many ways, but I have found repeating numbers as a common form of communication between us. When we see numbers in three's such at 111 or 222 or 333, or even in pairs such as 11 11 or 12 1

Talk of the Town TV appearance

My hope through this television appearance is that people who have not found the support they need will consider new options. Perhaps acupuncture, acupressure, Reiki healing or coaching with a practitioner to assist them will bring healing and personal growth for good in their life.

Free Will and The Divine

There is a Divine Law of Free Will. We were given this amazing gift when humanity was created. Before we are born into our life we choose the timing, we choose the parents we have, we choose our physical features including our weaknesses and strengths. These are all sacred decisions that are ours alone. We come here to grow and experience this dimension and actively create our reality with the Divine. The Divine honors our choices and creates our reality based on our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. The Creator and your angels never judge your decisions because this experience is all about exploring your Free Will in this world of Duality. Of course the Divine beings only want happiness for y

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