Meet Auggie! Office Greeter with a Wag

Auggie is an allergy-friendly, non-shedding Australian Labradoodle. He loves to greet clients and spread joy to those who come to my office. He has a crate that is his own safe place and he is good at napping and going in his crate when it is necessary during the course of the day. Many clients look forward to playing with Auggie and giving him rubs when they are at the office. He does seem to like lotions and sometimes will lick your feet or try to give kisses. He might really like the odor of your shoes - but he is not a chewer. We are working on our training and he is a smart guy who listens well. Auggie and I look forward to seeing you at the office soon!

Meeting the Purple Collar Puppy

I drove to the breeder, so excited to meet this puppy. So hoping he would behave as the angels had told me so I would know it was iMac returned. When I arrived there were two puppies, Sammy and the purple collar puppy. Sammy was my friend's puppy and if this was iMac he would get to see Sammy and grow up with him! The puppies were cute and they would run up and say hi. The purple collar puppy began to drag a stuffed pheasant toy over to my purse. It was the same toy iMac had and I laughed wondering if it was another sign. The breeder said, "hey she is not taking you home today and that is not yours." I told her my previous dog had a toy just like it. I was still waiting for him to do what th

Fear, Doubt & Dog Reincarnation

So I called the breeder and asked about the purple collar puppy. I said I need to meet him, I think he is my dog who has come back to me. Of course, being your average person the breeder thought I was crazy. She said I am happy to hold this puppy for you, just tell me and put the deposit check in the mail and he is yours. I asked if I can meet him to confirm and if he was not my dog returning if I could get my deposit check refunded. She said no refunds. UGH! My mind raced, what if I was wrong about the purple collar puppy? What if I simply wanted iMac to be coming back in this cute, designer, non-shedding package? This particular dog is an expensive dog, not your average labradoodle, but a

Dog Reincarnation & Doubting the Signs

A few weeks after my networking friend showed me the video of her puppy Sammy the labradoodle, I received an email to say a puppy in the litter was now available for adoption. She sent the video of the puppies are 4 weeks old and I opened the video to see tiny red puppies in a bed with their mother. I emptied my mind and tuned in as I watched the video. My intuition is often more of a knowing or a feeling and suddenly as I looked at the video the puppy with the purple collar seemed different. I watched as they crawled around and there was a moment of recognition for me with this "purple collared puppy." I flushed with joy at the thought that this was him. But, I knew all the puppies were ado

Blessings and Dog Reincarnation

Dogs can reincarnate. I did not know this until my angels explained this in an angel reading in February 2014. They told me to pay attention so I would know where to pick up my dog reincarnated in a new body. iMac had been a 80 lb yellow labrador retriever. Shortly after my reading I began to day dream, talk to iMac and pray to God making requests for his new body. I asked for him to come back as a smaller breed so he would live longer. I asked for a non-shedding coat so I wouldn't have dog hair all over my home and clothing. I also asked for him to be smaller and calmer so I could bring him to my office. I prayed that if he was willing that perhaps he could get therapy dog certification. Th

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