Dominion Over the Molecules & Attitude

One of the Four Powers is dominion over the molecules or dominion over the universe. This means that the molecules are constantly responding to what you think, feel and believe. Your mental attitude is a big part of this as well. A negative attitude can set many things in motion when we are not functioning consciously. Keeping up a positive mental attitude with intention and purpose will direct the molecules into a more joyful life. Your soul speaks to the molecules and gets its cues from all that you are feeling, saying and thinking in every moment. The molecules make up the reality that you experience around you. Think about that! So what are you creating in your world today? Do you take t

The Four Powers from the Creator

I have had the blessing of many teachers in my life. Everyone is a potential messenger or teacher. I want to share the Four Powers that I learned from Archangel Haniel as channeled through Audrey Cole. It is helpful to understand the dynamics of manifestation in our life so we can work with this consciously and create the life we want. The creator gave us amazing powers and when we harness are mind to work with these truths we can truly experience miracles in our lives. Here are your FOUR POWERS: 1. Dominion over the molecules. The molecules do what you say. Your thoughts, attitudes, feeling and beliefs are the blueprint for the Universe to bring the people, circumstances and opportunities i

Doubting the Divine and Control

We all want things to go as we plan in life. We all wish we could have guarantees and control the outcome of experiences and situations. I suppose this is human nature. The personality-ego-logical mind thinks it can manage situations and make things happen. The problem is that by letting our mind manage and control the situations it is often pulling us out of our Divine connection. To truly live a spiritually connected life we have to learn to trust. We need to have faith in the Divine and allow it to guide us. The mind will look for proof, guarantees and ways to control situations. We cannot control the Divine. When we fall into doubt, in essence we are trying to control God. We are wanting

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