The "Rule of Three" is Confirmation

I had a client tell me last week that she follows what she calls the Rule of Three. She said when something comes up three times she knows that it is something for her to explore. I shared with her that her rule of three is the same thing that I call confirmation from the angels. And that her divine self recognizes this as good information when she sees it three times. She is a wise woman to have this awareness in her life. Confirmation is when something shows up in your life three times. It is when your angels are trying to guide you to something to assist you. The angels will show you by bringing it into your awareness three times for you to notice. So engage your angels and ask for confir

No Mistakes – Gain Experience

Many individuals are fearful and anxious about the future. Anxiety can bring us into paralysis where there is fear of making any decision. Often this fear comes from us not being certain of the outcome or having the process be out of our control. We can not control all situations and we cannot control other people. We can control our attitude, our thoughts and ourselves. When we are able to hold positive attitude and have awareness of our thoughts we can more effectively direct our life. Our thoughts, feelings and beliefs direct our reality. See previous posts about Dominion Over the Molecules and The Four Powers. Another concept that can be helpful is to understand that we come into this li

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