Body Awareness - Say No When It Matters

I talk to many clients each day in my office who are stressed, overbooked and unhappy with some aspect of their health or their life. Many tell me how they are very busy each day, week and month. I am so grateful that they are able to come in to see me. That they have been able to prioritize an hour of acupuncture or reiki. I know that time is precious for all of us. Some still struggle to take steps and time to care for themselves outside of these appointments. When I ask "why not?" I often get the answer that they are just too busy. Busy doing things that they feel obligated to do. Busy doing things that are not bringing them joy. Some tell me they feel like it would be selfish to say no.

Signs You are About to Shift

There are some signs that sometimes happen before we make a positive shift in our energy and our healing. It is helpful to know about this, because if you do not know you may feel like you are falling backward rather than about to spring forward. You might notice old thoughts, patterns or feelings coming up. The inner dialogue can become very “loud” in your awareness as you notice the thoughts, patterns and feelings. You may start to identify with the inner dialogue since it is “loud” and you are noticing it. You may perceive this as “negative” and start to go into fear or self-judgement. The positive thing that is so important to remember here – is that you are noticing these things! Awaren

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