Knee Pain Testimonial

No Knee Pain and Dancing after Acupuncture & Diet
“I teach dance lessons for West Coast Swing and also competed in the dance. I hurt my knee in one of my dance routines. I wasn't able to dance any longer, even socially. I was very depressed, but since I was an officer of our dance club at the time, I still had to attend the dances. At that time Kathleen was taking lessons from our club. She told me she could get me dancing again. I never believed in acupuncture, but was desperate to dance again, so I agreed to let her perform acupuncture on me. Within a couple of months, I was up and dancing again. She is amazing and I would recommend her to anybody and everybody. Kathleen doesn't stop at just acupuncture; she also educates you on healing your body inside too. She taught me how to eat better and I have lost over 50 pounds because of her recommendations and her moral support. She is amazing!” - CF