Digestion Testimonials

Acupuncture Relief for Severe Irritable Bowl Syndrome
"I suffer from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and recently the symptoms had become more frequent and severe. The medication was not helping and I was frustrated with the lack of relief. A colleague recommended the acupuncture. I met with Kathleen and was amazed at the results. After my first visit, my episodes went from daily to one over the next seven-day period. Over the course of the last three months, I have had a total of five episodes. I am very grateful to Kathleen; she has given me the ability to live a normal live without the constant worry of IBS episodes. Thank you, Kathleen." - Diana​, 2008

Painful Digestive Issues Resolved with Acupuncture

"Kathleen is a gifted and knowledgeable practitioner.  She has given me pain relief and healing in many areas.  I have had painful GI issues that no one else could resolve until her.  She has assisted me with severe neck pain and hormone issues.  Kathleen is intuitive and invests time with her patients to get results.  I consider myself fortunate to have her as one of my most valued resources." SR, 2019


No More Headaches, Sinus Infections or IBS
"I am so thankful for Kathleen's help. I had a sinus infection that was giving me headaches and misery for a month. 2 rounds of antibiotics didn't clear it, but the acupuncture did! I was amazed, after the first couple sessions my sinuses completely cleared! Kathleen also gave me great nutritional advice that drastically improved my health overall. I suffer from IBS too, but with diet changes and acupuncture it has basically turned into a non-issue! I am so grateful for Kathleen and all acupuncture has done for me. Thanks!" - SS​

Acupuncture and New Diet for Long Term IBS Complaints

"I have had digestive issues for a good portion of my life and was constantly being told that it was, “just IBS or stress” by my doctors/allergists. I soon learned to ignore these issues. Little did I realize some of the stress was caused by my chronic condition. A couple of years ago, I started seeing Kathleen. In time, she was able to figure out that I had Leaky Gut Syndrome and we would then have to figure out what was causing my issues. In doing some lab tests, it was found that I had an intestinal parasite, bacteria, food sensitivities and Candida. No wonder why I was having digestive issues! With the help of prescribed medicine from my doctor to rid me of the parasites, my treatment with Kathleen, and my change in lifestyle/eating habits, my journey to better health had begun. Now, a year later, I am feeling so much better! I am still healing, but I feel like a new person! Healing is a journey, not something that happens overnight. Patience is key and in time, the results are well worth the wait! If it weren’t for Kathleen, I don’t know where I’d be now." - Carla, 2010

Severe Gluten Allergy and Arm Pain Resolved​​​​​​​​​​
"I very much appreciate Kathleen's caring and comforting demeanor during my recovery.  I am also grateful to Kathleen for helping me learn the strong effect that diet has on one's ability to heal." - SE