Miscarriage Support

While there is little that can be done when miscarriage is inevitable. There are cases were interventions can be done in cases of threatened miscarriage. Kathleen applies gentle techniques with reiki healing, acupuncture, acupressure, and if applicable moxibustion to assist the body to hold onto viable pregnancy. By strengthening the Qi energy to hold the fetus these techniques help to consolidate the Qi energy and relax the body and mind. 

Reiki healing is a calming and gentle modality that can be used to assist with this stressful situation. Spiritual and emotional support is so important to help Mom stay in present moment, rather than assuming the worst, especially when ultrasound shows baby has a heartbeat and is measuring normal for age. 

A combination of acupuncture and Reiki healing is a powerful support during these situations. It is so helpful and important that Mom engage and talk to the baby to keep that connection strong. Baby likes to know you are aware that they are here and that you are holding positive attitude that this situation can pass. Baby is connected and knows your thoughts and feelings so coaching can help you to stay positive to allow the best outcome.

Again, if baby is physically not viable, nothing can help. But, there are circumstances when these calming supportive modalities can reduce stress response and assist Mom and baby through a challenging time. 

It is also important to have post-miscarriage spiritual support as you grieve and prepare for the possibility of a new healthy pregnancy. It takes approximately 3-4 months minimum to allow yourself the time to grieve and the body to recover from miscarriage. This is an ideal time to get acupuncture, reiki and coaching to assist in preparing on all levels for the best outcome when you conceive. I provide insights on how to connect with your spirit baby to strengthen the pregnancy.

Schedule a 60 Minute Consult, Reiki Session, or New Patient Acupuncture to support healthy pregnancy.