Pregnancy Care Testimonials

Acupuncture and Moxibustion Treatment Help Spin Breech Baby​"I had an acupuncture session with Kathleen Stoneman to help turn my baby from breech position. She gave me Moxibustion sticks to use at home. I used them twice and the next day had an ultrasound and the baby was turned head down. He is still head-down and doing well! Thank you very much for helping us!" - TS
Natural Labor with Acupuncture and Acupressure

“Kathleen Stoneman provided first rate acupuncture and acupressure care, along with nutritional and herbal supplement counseling, throughout my pregnancy and subsequent natural labor and delivery of a healthy nine pound boy. Her kind professionalism and expertise, together with her genuine concern for my well-being were key components to my healthy and relaxed pregnancy. I cannot recommend Kathleen enough to anybody seeking an alternative (or complement to) Western medical treatments for either general health or prenatal/postnatal care.” - SV


Acupuncture and Emotional Support During Pregnancy

​"I highly recommend Kathleen to anyone who is facing fertility issues or any other type of health issue. I started seeing her after suffering recurrent pregnancy loss. Kathleen was very informative as well as compassionate and caring regarding my situation. Right away I felt hopeful after meeting with her. She educated me not only about acupuncture, but also about other things I could modify in my life to help achieve and maintain a healthy body and pregnancy. I spent several months following her instructions and doing acupuncture treatments. Soon after I discovered I was pregnant. Her care and attention throughout the whole process was a great support for me. I continued to have regular acupuncture appointments throughout the pregnancy. Kathleen always treated me based on what I was experiencing at the moment - everything was customized to my situation and me. She also spent a great deal of time with me trying to make sure that she addressed what was needed. I felt cared for on both on a physical and emotional level. I feel so indebted to Kathleen for her care during this challenging period of my life. The result was a healthy and beautiful baby girl. I never could have gotten to this place without Kathleen's care." - LC

Fertility, Emotional Support and IVF Success

"I highly recommend Kathleen. For our second pregnancy, my husband and I had to use IVF after failed IUI attempts. A few friends highly recommended supporting our efforts with acupuncture. Through regular visits and Kathleen's expertise and emotional support we are happy to say that IVF worked on the first try. I continued to visit Kathleen during my first trimester to support the pregnancy, as well as the final weeks of the pregnancy. We have a beautiful baby boy now and can't say enough about the experience I had with Kathleen." - SW

Acupuncture & Essential Oils Improve Symptoms in Pregnancy

"I have gone to Kathleen Stoneman for several years for various health issues: low energy and various issues throughout pregnancy (nausea, insomnia, anxiety).  Her approach is very holistic and individualized. Her treatments are very relaxing and over time I could see a considerable improvement in my symptoms that I received from no other treatments.  Her acupuncture, in combination with the essential oils, Chinese herbs and other supplements she recommended made me feel like a million bucks!  She is a very thoughtful, considerate, and attentive caregiver.  I recommend her treatments and professional knowledge to anyone looking to feel their best and/or anyone that is having difficulty with health problems not otherwise managed.  Thank you Kathleen for all the health and happiness you have afforded me through your care!" - TS