Class and Workshop Testimonials


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Reiki First Degree - Personal Healing

"My experience with Kathleen's Reiki 1 class was wonderful! Kathleen was very prepared and very knowledgeable, answering any and all questions that came up. The small class size of 2 students made me feel like Kathleen was able to personalized the class to our specific wants and needs. The class size also allowed for me to receive a Reiki session and some personal healing that Kathleen and the other student provided for me. This ability to give and receive a Reiki session in class really showcased the power of Reiki for me. Nothing was ever rushed, Kathleen took all the time we needed to make sure we felt heard and that we understood what we needed to. I feel I got everything I needed out of a Reiki 1 class and would recommend this particular class with Kathleen to anyone!" - RW, WI October 2016


Reiki First Degree - A Qualified and Quality Instructor

"I found Kathleen to be a capable, compassionate instructor, with strong integrity and a genuine care for the personal growth and well being of her students.  I leave her class feeling excited, empowered, and fully supported in my Reiki journey." - Heidi, WI July 2014


First Degree Reiki And Beyond

"I want to start out by saying that Kathleen is a lovely spirit. She is kind, loving, caring, and has a vast amount of knowledge in her field. I, recently, participated in Kathleen's First Degree Reiki and Beyond class/attunement. It was such a beautiful experience! The class was fun, with much information and connectedness. Kathleen provides a wonderful manual to refer to, and she is available, after the class (via phone or email), for any questions one would have. The manual is chock full of information and easy to understand. I knew, in my heart, that she was the one who would teach me, and I feel honored to have her as part of my Reiki lineage. Again, thank you, Kathleen!"  - Carla, WI December 2014


Reiki First Degree - Instructional Excellence & Fun too!

"Kathleen was well prepared to deliver quality and meaningful instruction for my Reiki First Degree experience. I would definitely pursue further study with Kathleen. Kathleen's warmth sets a tone that maximizes student participation and engagement. I appreciate that Kathleen made the content relatable and understandable. She offered multiple examples and personal stories to reinforce the instruction. Kathleen's presentation and the learning experience exceeded my expectations. Her pacing is timely, her candor is pleasant, her consideration of diverse learners is apparent, and her enthusiasm shines through her smile and loving touch. Finally, Kathleen models, listens attentively, mentors, and provides clear feedback. I am grateful that Kathleen offered a binder for further study and review. Thank you, Kathleen, for adding more light, love, knowledge, and joy to my life." - LS, WI December 2014