Reiki 1 Intensive Class

Next class TBD 9:30am-5:30pm


Learn how to channel Reiki universal life force energy and how to heal yourself and others. With this ancient healing art at your fingertips, you'll enjoy many benefits immediately, including improved physical well-being, mental clarity, and a calming feeling of emotional balance. Reiki balances the energy in all aspects of your being and brings a powerful feeling of serenity, vitality and relaxation. Reiki can be used to relieve the problems associated with stress, tension and chronic illness.


Reiki 1 Intensive - During the First Degree course you receive Reiki 1 attunements, which greatly increase the energy flow and raises your vibration. You will also be attuned to and learn ONE Reiki Symbol. The background and history of Reiki is covered in the class. You also learn how to give yourself a Reiki treatment and the basics of how to treat others.  You will also learn additional prayers and tools for self-development and spiritual practice.

A small class size provides a richness of another student's experience, energies to scan and to share the class exercises. Often the students have common energetic tendencies or issues or a similar life path. Small class sizes allow for presentation based on individual needs of the class. The manual contains over 100 pages of in depth information for followup reading. Each student also receives and participates in table work in the class where healing can greatly shift your life.


Each student is advised to work with the energy for a minimum of at least 3 months to integrate the energetic shift before taking the next step of Second Degree. Future Reiki gatherings of students will also be available to practice.

Reiki 1 Full Day Class  9:30am to 5:30pm

Reiki 1 Attunements and ONE Reiki Symbol

Reiki First Degree Binder

Reiki First Degree Certificate suitable for framing

Access to Private Facebook Group

Access to Student Only Reiki Gatherings

Investment: $350 

A $100 advanced deposit is required to hold your space.


Comments from past participants in Reiki First Degree here.

Preparing for Reiki Class - It is important to honor yourself and your body by avoiding toxins such as alcohol, recreational drugs, refined sugars for 72 hours before and after the Reiki class to allow your attunement to settle in with the fullest potency. It is also advisable to avoid casual sex before or after a Reiki Class.


From 1997 to 2000, Kathleen Stoneman studied the Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Method of Natural Healing with Michael Soto and received the First, Second, Third Degree (Master) and Teacher Training. In 2008, she continued energy work training with The Divine Coding Institute. Kathleen utilizes her intuition and divine guidance to direct her during energy treatments. Kathleen also studied Reiki for Enlightenment with Memra Yekara from Littleton, CO beginning in January 2012 and continuing through Spring 2018 Levels 1 - 3. Additional powerful and unique information on Reiki and the Symbols has come through Memra of Kathleen took Angel Intuitive Certification, Doreen Virtue in October 2016. She is available for individual sessions of acupuncture, Reiki or combined acupuncture-energy treatment, and angel intuitive sessions. Kathleen is nationally board certified acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist and has been a Hatha Yoga teacher since 1999.

Reiki First Degree Testimonial

"My experience with Kathleen's Reiki 1 class was wonderful! Kathleen was very prepared and very knowledgeable, answering any and all questions that came up. The small class size of 2 students made me feel like Kathleen was able to personalized the class to our specific wants and needs. The class size also allowed for me to receive a Reiki session and some personal healing that Kathleen and the other student provided for me. This ability to give and receive a Reiki session in class really showcased the power of Reiki for me. Nothing was ever rushed, Kathleen took all the time we needed to make sure we felt heard and that we understood what we needed to. I feel I got everything I needed out of a Reiki 1 class and would recommend this particular class with Kathleen to anyone!" - RW, WI October 2016