Reiki Sessions

​Reiki Healing sessions allow you to schedule time to work on any issue. During Reiki you are fully clothed and you relax with your eyes closed or you can talk if you wish. You can have a focused intention for your healing, but that is not needed. Reiki always works on the causation level of any imbalance: emotional, physical, mental, energetic, or spiritual.


Reiki can also be done over long distance without the client present -- this is as equally potent as an in-person session. Distant healing sessions can also be shorter in duration and but must always be done with client's permission.  At the time of the session, you can choose to meditate or relax, or if you have other things to do you need not stop your life to consciously participate in the session as the Reiki goes where it needs to go.


Kathleen combines intuitive guidance and ancient wisdom with traditional Reiki, connecting with the Angels and Divine Team, Shamanic techniques in the energy sessions based on individual needs. In this time of sacred space you can relax and more easily connect to the higher truth, your spirit and your Divine helpers. In this session you may receive messages from your Angels to assist you in your life and on your path. 


Please note: I am not a psychotherapist and I will refer out to licensed professional counselor as necessary.​​

Note: All pricing is subject to change without notice. I will make announcements in email newsletter please opt-in.