Reviews for Metamorphosis Holistic Health

December 16, 2014 Acupuncture Wonder! have been going to Metamorphosis for acupuncture for about 3 months and it is one of the best parts of my week. Kathleen helps me both mentally and emotionally. It's so relaxing and therapeutic, she really helps me focus on what is important. I can't imagine not going. I would recommend metamorphosis to anyone. - Melissa B


July 14 ,2014 Reiki First Degree - A qualified and quality instructorI found Kathleen to be a capable, compassionate instructor, with strong integrity and a genuine care for the personal growth and well being of all of her students. I leave her class feeling excited, empowered, and fully supported in my Reiki journey. - Heidi F


January 4, 2015 Thanks to Acupuncture & Kathleen Having being seen by Kathleen for acupuncture for infertility, I am amazed by how my life has changed. She has changed not only my energy and body, but also my mind. She has positively challenged me to be the best person I can be and to focus on my whole self. Kathleen takes a holistic approach that I haven't experienced at other providers and I cannot thank her enough for teaching me important life lessons.


November 6, 2014 Great Holistic Practioner Kathleen has a very calming manner, is very knowledgeable and thorough. I never feel rushed and several health issues have been addressed with a few treatments. I will continue to work with Kathleen! - Monica


March 27, 2015 Detox program I am so glad I challenged myself to participate in the liver detox program with Kathleen. She was so supportive and provided so much helpful information throughout the entire process. I know I did something great for my body, and I really don't think I could have made it through the week without Kathleen's help. I will definitely participate again, and I can't thank Kathleen enough for her encouragement and support! - Jessica B


December 19, 2014 five stars I felt very comfortable. You know your stuff and are very approachable and open. I've only had one session; I've picked up on one thing about you, is you practice what you preach, a positive roll model. Thank you for that. In you treating body, mind, & spirit, my session brought back my spirit and more calm and have been feeling stronger on all levels. Seeing as though I'm a baby about using sinus oceans, I choose to get the antibiotic and take along with serrapeptase. If I ever feel sinus issue in future I'll use the ocean right away. I also got more relief on the low back pain than I thought I would, seeing as though the focus of my session was immune/sinus. Thank you again and very nice meeting you. - Judith H


December 9, 2014 First Degree Reiki And Beyond I want to start out by saying that Kathleen is a lovely spirit. She is kind, loving, caring, and has a vast amount of knowledge in her field. I, recently, participated in Kathleen's First Degree Reiki and Beyond class/attunement. It was such a beautiful experience! The class was fun, with much information and connectedness. Kathleen provides a wonderful manual to refer to, and she is available, after the class (via phone or email), for any questions one would have. The manual is chock full of information and easy to understand. I knew, in my heart, that she was the one who would teach me, and I feel honored to have her as part of my Reiki lineage. Again, thank you, Kathleen! :) - Carla S


March 28, 2015 Holistic Skeptic to Believer I want to start out by saying that prior to my experience with Kathleen I was the type of person who would have laughed at the idea of someone doing Holistic medicine. Kathleen has turned the skeptic in me into a believer. I started seeing Kathleen to help with infertility. She has helped on this front, but also helped with other issues I have been dealing with. One of the ones we have made the most improvement on is my allergy like symptoms (post nasal drip/congestion). In the past I was told by western medicine doctors that I should use nasal spray X, but not much could be done. After starting acupuncture and diet coaching with Kathleen, I have seen significant improvements. I will say, this is not an quick fix, it has required diet changes and work on my end as well, however it is well worth it. Both my wife and I see Kathleen and I would recommend her to anyone. She tailors every treatment to ones unique circumstances. She is open and upfront so I recommend that if you have questions or are unsure just make an appointment and have a conversation with her. - Mike


December 29, 2014 Acupuncture My acupuncture treatments have been very beneficial and re-energizing. I look forward to coming back for each session. Thank you!


December 13,  2014 Reiki First Degree - Instructional Excellence & Fun too! Kathleen was well prepared to deliver quality and meaningful instruction for my Reiki First Degree experience. I would definitely pursue further study with Kathleen. Kathleen's warmth sets a tone that maximizes student participation and engagement. I appreciate that Kathleen made the content relatable and understandable. She offered multiple examples and personal stories to reinforce the instruction. Kathleen's presentation and the learning experience exceeded my expectations. Her pacing is timely, her candor is pleasant, her consideration of diverse learners is apparent, and her enthusiasm shines through her smile and loving touch. Finally, Kathleen models, listens attentively, mentors, and provides clear feedback. I am grateful that Kathleen offered a binder for further study and review. Thank you, Kathleen, for adding more light, love, knowledge, and joy to my life. - Laura S


January 11, 2015 Acupuncture and more I had never been to an acupuncturist until December, 2013. I went in with several health concerns and after the first visit, my low back pain, stagnant blood (which had prevented me for a normal menstrual cycle) had been resolved. We have since been working on other issues like weight, mood, and high blood pressure. Working with Kathleen has changed my life for the positive. She also does energy work and teaches classes that have been very helpful.December 15 2014Something new to tryI am a new patient and can honestly say that I already feel a difference in a positive way. I needed something natural to bring me back to "normal" and make me feel more balanced. Physically, I feel less stressed, but I also appreciate the support emotionally and spiritually. I have learned a lot about myself through this process and I look forward to continuing my appointments. Thank you! - Monica M


April 8, 2015 Talented, caring, compassionate practitioner Kathleen is fantastic to work with. She is very warm and supportive and committed to helping you be your healthiest self. She has excellent technical skills and provides unique insights into your well being. I highly recommend her. - Jay B


April 13, 2015 Acupuncture for tendonitis and hand pain Kathleen treated a case of tendonitis I had years ago with acupuncture, helping to heal it within just weeks. So, I sought her out when another case of tendonitis accompanied by hand pain occurred recently. Her skilled acupuncture techniques along with her compassionate and patient manner has once again been instrumental in my healing process. I am grateful to have reconnected with her and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking acupuncture treatments! - Stephanie M