If it is not good for you...

Autumn is not only a time of harvest and gratitude for all of the abundance of the season; it is also a time of release and letting go. The leaves turn color and drop, and the trees shed the old to make space for the new. We can benefit from acknowledging the bounty within our lives and consciously letting go of things we have out grown. Sometimes it is people and relationships; sometimes it is obligations, beliefs, thoughts, ideas or limits.

Someone recently told me, “If it is not good for you, it is not good for anybody.” This stayed with me and a few of you know I have shared this with you in your sessions. Be authentic and true to yourself. Doing something out of obligation or be a “good person” does not accomplish the goal if it isn’t coming from a place of truth within you.

It is OK to take care of yourself. Remember they always tell you on the airplane to put the oxygen mask on yourself FIRST, and then assist others with their mask. We have to be honest with ourselves and take care of ourselves first.

You cannot be a good spouse, parent or friend if you are in a bad place and all stressed out. So be grateful that you can CHANGE YOUR MIND and take care of yourself.

This is the perfect time to regroup and assess what is really GOOD for us. Make room for positive changes and release the old. “Let it go!” as the famous cartoon princess says. Acknowledge what has grown within you and what your needs are today. Give yourself the space and time to just be. This may mean you lighten your social schedule and let go of a few obligations. Are you on automatic pilot? Do you want to be doing the things you are doing?

Ideas to help with this process:

  • Sit quietly for 30 minutes each day, or walk quietly in nature. Allow yourself the quiet time to know your heart.

  • Prioritize your activities. Just say “no thank you.” It will all be OK.

  • Use your tools. Do a write and burn of things that you are letting go of to make room for new good in your life. 

Be grateful and be authentic. The truth is inside you and you always know what to do. Please do not doubt yourself.

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