What’s your story? What do you believe?

I love that everyone is a teacher. Everyone is a potential teacher in any given moment. I recently had someone tell me that they often asked others, "If you did not believe what you do - what would you do differently." I really liked that statement. It makes you stop and think about how open or closed off we can be based on the beliefs that we are invested in already.

Many illnesses and much unhappiness is kept rooted in our lives by the beliefs that people hold about themselves, their body, the world and various situations in life. The idea of manifestation and creating your reality requires being open to receiving and experiencing things that we have never experienced. Being open and trusting that the limits of our past experience do not have to shape our present or our future. But, often our mind keeps blinders on our beliefs about ourselves and situations. The mind gets stuck in thoughts that are negative and we tell ourselves the story of failure.

A wonderful exercise is to write the old story of your life, situation, beliefs and see what you are perpetuating with your thoughts. Shine the light of awareness on it, then the fun exercise is to write your new story. Read your new story everyday several times. Do this for at least 21 days to set into your mind the positive story. Example: I am happy everyday. My body is youthful, healthy and strong. I am prosperous and overflowing with abundance. I love my life. I love my mate and my friends and family - we have so much fun together everyday.

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