Write Your New Story Pt 2: Let Go of the Old

The Old Story is the voice in your head, the stream of mind, compulsive thinking, repeating opinions and judgments of others. When you identify with the thoughts in your head you attach emotion, which in effect builds a stronger charge on those thoughts. Thinking is only a tiny aspect of the consciousness that we are, yet many people believe they are their thoughts. So what is your mind telling you? What is your Old Story?

What is the main story of your family or childhood? Do you have a story about school, career, and your accomplishments? Do you have story about your body or health? Do you have story about your relationships?

What part of your story is keeping you from happiness? Health? Success? Rewarding relationships? Life partner? Children? Financial abundance? Peace of mind?

Are there any underlying themes to your story?

Write down a part of the Old Story that is keeping you from achieving health, happiness, and success.

Be honest with yourself. Is this story true? Just because you have experienced something in the past it does not make it true going forward in every situation or aspect of your life. Do not let the past limit your future.

A little secret, you don’t have to be perfect. You never had to be perfect. The truth is that you always do best you can. So be gentle with yourself, love yourself. Nothing was ever really a mistake it was all giving you information and experience.

How is story holding you back? Look at the Old Story to see how it restricts your life.

Are you willing to let go of the limits of the past and create a new future without the limits of the thoughts and emotions of the past?

We all have the power to rewrite the story of our life. None of us have to settle for the life that accompanies the Old Story. When we write a New Story, we also rewire our brain and thoughts to live by a new more positive script.

What Can I do about the Old Story?

One powerful tool to transform and transmute energies, thoughts and emotions is to write it all down with the intention of removing it from your mind, thoughts, emotions and energy field, and then you burn or destroy the paper. You can also destroy it by tearing it up or using a paper shredder. I prefer to burn paper when possible. Ask the Creator to take the Old Story out of all of Collective Consciousness and every level of your life, emotions, energies, thoughts and your physical body.

Observe your thoughts and notice if you are perpetuating “the Old Story”. Note I did not say “your Old Story”. How you speak of things and the words you choose reinforce your world. They show what the underlying beliefs really are.

The Old Story was created as an unconscious process. See the wide range of possibilities for yourself instead of being stuck in a narrative unconsciously written. Detach from the Old Story. Make a conscious choice to change your mind and focus to the New Story. Choose more empowering themes for your New Story. Take responsibility for writing the New Story and create the New Story consciously.

© 2015 Metamorphosis Holistic Health • Kathleen Stoneman

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