Write Your New Story Pt 3: Create the End Result and Manifest

Write down your New Story and keep it. Read your New Story everyday to reprogram your thinking mind to believe in a life of no limits.

Get out of your head and the thoughts of the Old Story. Remember the words you choose and thoughts you focus on are the raw materials for your life. You are creating your life everyday in every moment. Choose your words mindfully and create positive affirmations to keep yourself on track.

Write your New Story with the focus only on the end result. Do not concern yourself with the “how” or “when” or “the details” of getting it. Inject positive feelings and gratitude when you think or visualize this end result. This is powerful energy that drives the creative Force to manifestation.

Don't add “time” into your New Story

It is important that you do not put “time” by adding steps or processes in the New Story. Write it as if all of it has already happened and you have already received it. Too many details in your new story can block it from showing up in the way that will make you most happy.

Add emotions that you will be feeling in your New Story.

If you get too logical in your story with details and steps then you slow things down and it may take longer for it to show up. Another point: You think you know what will make you happy.

Example: I have the most amazing, rewarding, high paying art career in Madison, WI.

But, maybe you would really be happiest with a job in Hong Kong. Or you get offered a job not is art that makes you so much happier than you could ever imagined.

New Example: I have the most amazing, rewarding and high paying career that I love.

Don’t limit the way the end result (ie. CAREER) can show up for you. The Force will fill in the blanks in miraculous ways if you let go of controlling the details. And by adding details you are not really controlling anything, but perhaps you are delaying happiness.

Something even better for you could be right around the corner. Maybe the career is in a different field or country. Bypass all the details and add excitement with gratitude on your end result!

*Relationships, life partner, friends, healthy boundaries, communicating effectively

*Financial security, abundance, success in career or school

*Healthy body, youthful, energized, strong, resilient

*Fertility, children, nurturing, family, loving, fun

*Spiritual purpose, self-love, confidence, high self-esteem, ease, joy

*Home, garden or yard that is teaming with birds and beautiful vegetables and flowers

Brainstorm some things you would like in your new story – do not limit yourself to things that you think are practical, probable or realistic. You create what is realistic! Have fun with this exercise. Add something like a trip somewhere you have always wanted to go.

Ideas for your New Story

  • I love my wonderful life and I am happy everyday.

  • I am surrounded by kind, honest and generous people everyday.

  • I love my body and it is strong, youthful, healthy and vibrant.

  • I always win in life. My life is joyful, easy and fun!

  • I am creative and enjoy expressing myself in many ways.

  • I am so abundant in love, friends, success, health and wealth and I am grateful.

  • I feel so great each day. I move with strength and grace.

  • My mind is flexible, open and loving toward all creatures and situations.

  • I love my work. It is so rewarding to do what I love each day.

  • I love and respect my family and friends and they love and respect me.

  • I travel to amazing places all over the world.

  • I always have healthy boundaries. I live a happy and authentic life.

  • I am always in the right relationship.

  • I am comfortable and confident speaking up for myself at all times.

  • I love my new car and it is fully paid for.

  • I love my comfortable and beautiful home where I feel safe and happy.

  • I love my healthy pet; he brings me so much joy everyday.

  • My success surpasses my wildest dreams of financial security and contentment.

© 2015 Metamorphosis Holistic Health • Kathleen Stoneman

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