Write Your New Story Pt 4: Supercharge Your Manifestation

Supercharge your Manifestation

How do you super charge your new story and keep the manifestation going?

  • Gratitude! Be thankful for all that you have already and know the new story exists, it is already yours, and it’s coming into your life now.

  • Focus your thoughts on the end result with the emotion to amplify the force of manifestation in your life. Visualize yourself: in the car, job, house, with the family you want – infuse end result with positive emotions.

  • No more judgment or condemnation. No gossip about what someone else does, thinks, or believes. Negativity of self or others lowers your energy. End results show up fast when you hold a higher frequency of energy in your life.

  • Print out and read your New Story everyday. Rewire your brain by reading it out loud 2-3 times per day. Hang it near you so it reminds you to focus on this New Story. Hold this focus by doing it everyday for at least 21-days.

  • Focus your thoughts and emotions on the positive. Watch your mind and stop the negative self-talk. Fill in mind with positive affirmations repetitions: (These 3 affirmations from www.wingsalive.com Audrey Cole channelings)

Only My Good Can Come to Me

I am the Confidence of the Creator

I Love Myself because I am Lovable

  • Make time for quiet mindfulness each day (ideally 30 minutes) in silence (no TV, music or internet). Breathe into your body and be in the present moment. Walk in nature, sit and meditate.

  • Stop talking about the Old Story. Never use the words “my” or “mine” to describe anything that you do not want to have. Choose your words wisely. Do not claim things that you don’t even want in your life. (Example: my back pain)

© 2015 Metamorphosis Holistic Health • Kathleen Stoneman

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