Confirmation from your Angels

I like to get feedback from my angels. Asking your angels for CONFIRMATION is one of the ways your angels can communicate with you.

What is confirmation? Confirmation is very individual. Your angels know you on a deep level. Your guardian angels are with you since you were born!

Your angels will communicate with your in ways that are personal for you and that get your attention. These communications can come in many ways. Often they communicate with us through simple signs in your environment – for example a rainbow, an animal in the wild, a song on the radio, a billboard; or it can be through other people who come into your life.

Your job after you ask for confirmation is to PAY ATTENTION! Confirmation is when you see these signs of communication THREE TIMES.

Sometimes you will recognize the confirmation AFTER you have already seen the FIRST SIGN. The SECOND SIGN triggers you to recall the previous FIRST SIGN. Suddenly you will say to yourself, "OH! That is a a second confirmation!" Next you continue to pay attention so you see the THIRD SIGN. Then you will know it is your angels getting your attention.

Your angels might already be trying to get your attention with signs, so if you see two watch out for the third. It could be your angels nudging you in a direction to your happiness!

So talk to your angels. Ask them to bring you confirmation about whatever you are working on. If your mind is concerned you will miss it, ask your angels to make it super clear and simple for you. Ask that they really get your attention. Let go of doubt and trust yourself and the signs that are coming through.

Once you practice this and hone your awareness to see the confirmation it will build trust and you will have so much fun engaging with your angels.

© 2016 Metamorphosis Holistic Health • Kathleen Stoneman

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