Four Signs of a Miracle

Your angels will communicate with you in ways that you will instantly recognize if you are paying attention. They will always whisper positive guidance as your inner voice. The inner voice from your angels is always loving and positive. Your angels know you are always doing the best you can in the moment and will never judge you.

Your angels also bring you signs in nature that get your attention, there are four signs of a miracle you can receive. These four signs are a way for God and your angels to communicate that you are on track and you are opening up to great light in your life. Miracles happen everyday. Appreciate these signs as wonderful communication and confirmation from the Divine.

When you see these four signs of a miracle it means:

• you are doing the right thing, stay the course, keep going

• good job with your presence and positive thoughts

• two thumbs up from God

Four Signs of a Miracle:

1) Feather - A beautiful feather is dropped at your feet, you walking along and see feather right on your path, perfect, clean and crisp as newly dropped. Pick it up take it with you as it is a divine blessing for you.

2) Bird Darting - You are driving or walking a bird flies or darts right in front of you.

3) Rainbow - The rainbow can be in the sky or when the clouds become a rainbow, but it can also be a photo, picture, image or painting of a rainbow in any form that you see around you. (example: flag or bumper sticker)

4) Sunburst - The rays of light from the sun come out from a cloud and makes beautiful streams and rays of light.

When I receive these miraculous signs I always smile and say thank you. Soaking in the love and feeling gratitude for the Divine Presence in my life.

Source: Archangel Haniel channeled by Memra (Audrey Cole)

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