Free Will and The Divine

There is a Divine Law of Free Will. We were given this amazing gift when humanity was created. Before we are born into our life we choose the timing, we choose the parents we have, we choose our physical features including our weaknesses and strengths. These are all sacred decisions that are ours alone. We come here to grow and experience this dimension and actively create our reality with the Divine.

The Divine honors our choices and creates our reality based on our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. The Creator and your angels never judge your decisions because this experience is all about exploring your Free Will in this world of Duality. Of course the Divine beings only want happiness for you. But, sometimes we get stuck and we fall into negativity and we forget that we are creating our reality.

This can create some problems for us, because the Divine creates continuously it never rests. All of our thoughts, both the positive or negative ones continue to create the situations in our life. This is the down side of our free will. Especially for those who do not understand that this is simply how it works all the time, endlessly and forever. The Creator creates, it creates from our thoughts and the molecules move to make it so.

But we learn through all of our experiences, especially the painful and difficult ones. Our angels never judge our journey as wrong or bad, because sometimes this was part of our grand plan for our life. To experience hardship, pain or sadness and understand ourselves through these experiences and relationships.

Our angels watch over us and provide assistance and guidance for us, but they also honor this amazing and powerful free will. We must give our angels permission to intervene on our behalf. If we ask our angels and God for help it can come in and get our lives and our thinking back on a positive track for a happy life.

Fortunately it is easy to give this permission. You simple talk to them. You can silently speak to your angels in your head or speak out loud to engage your angels more directly. Do this every day and watch your life flow in success and fun. Understand that can invite in all the assistance that you need. Your angels will be so excited that you are inviting them into your life in a bigger way. It allows for a flow of information, resources, people and happy synchronicity in your life.

Download Angel Basics for helpful hints on engaging your angels.

You may have a plan to experience hardship, but the plan was most likely not to stay in that state. We always have the choice to include the Divine in our life in a bigger way. The answers to our questions, solutions to our problems and clarity of the truth will flow in.

©2016 Metamorphosis Holistic Health - Kathleen Stoneman -

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