Repeating Numbers and the Angels

I first started seeing the repeating numbers 111 and 11 11 around 1999 or 2000. I went online to search about this topic and found that it was a spiritual wake up call from my angels!. I had been studying Reiki since 1997, taken my yoga teacher training course and was a year long Reiki Master Class that year. I was actively working on spirituality and healing of old issues, but I was not familiar with working consciously with my angels at that point.

Now I speak with my angels everyday. They speak to me in many ways, but I have found repeating numbers as a common form of communication between us. When we see numbers in three's such at 111 or 222 or 333, or even in pairs such as 11 11 or 12 12, it's a reminder that we are on our path, that our good is coming to us and our Angels are speaking to us.

The numbers can show up on clocks, license plates, buildings, bill boards, phone numbers, and many places. You will know when you see multiple repeating numbers in a single day that it is not a coincidence.

Have you noticed repeating numbers appearing frequently in your life? At first your mind might disregard this communication as coming from your angels. But, if you ask the angels for more messages and confirmation you will quickly learn that indeed it is your angels getting your attention with these numbers.

There are many websites that offer meanings of these numbers from the angels. It is helpful for you to engage more consciously with your angels. Read my blog "Confirmation from Your Angels" and "Talk to Your Angels" for more information.

*Some specific meanings:

11:11 you are at the threshold of change, it's here, it's arrived; time to take the leap of faith

12:12 is the signal that you've gone through the transformation

111 is a reminder to acknowledge yourself, your gifts, your magnificence; it's about self-appreciation and a reminder that we are one and that "I am the thoughts of God"

222 is an Angelic sign of rapid change, a rapid course correction, that is occurring or is about to occur in your life

333 is a signal that you are on track with your mindful creations

444 are the Angels asking you to pay attention, right here, right now, that now is all there is and to look for other signs, other messages, to assist you in your journey

555 the Angels are reminding you to relax, enjoy and have a good time and smile and don't be too serious. Life is good, and all your good is yours right now!

*Reference: Archangel Haniel as channeled by Memra copyrighted Wings Alive 2012

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