Proof from the Angels in Numbers

Look closely at the license plates in this photo - 111 and 222. I was stopped at the stoplight when I took this photo. I could hardly believe it was true so I had to document it.

It was a dreary, rainy day in November 2014. I had been sad and overwhelmed with dealing with my mother's health and wellbeing. It had been several months of severe health issues and she had just "woken up" after being in a near catatonic state for over 8 weeks in a skilled nursing facility in Chicago. I was driving and praying to God to assist me with all the details as she had started her recovering in a miraculous fashion. She was doing well, but she still needed my assistance with many things in her life. She was 3 hours away and there was much to do.

As I sat at the stop light I saw the 111 in front of me. I smile and say "thank you" as I know this is my angels telling me to remember that I am always connected with God, to feel the love and wonder of this connection, and to stay positive with my thinking as I am always creating my life with my thoughts. I remember that "I" don't have to "do" all of this alone. That I can set my intentions for what is needed for my mother and watch as divine intervention and the angels guide me in the process.

Then the car in front of me moves to the right and the car in front of it has 222 on it. WOW! OK! God and angels you have my attention. 222 is telling me there is a course correction or some change coming in my life and to pay attention. Well, that really got my attention. My angels were able to remind me to give it all over to God, to give my mother over to God and all her medical providers and social workers too. She moved into assisted living in Chicago in January 2015 and then after a stable and healthy year, she was able to be moved to Madison to an independent living complex in December 2015. I was able to remain connected to God and the angels to stay on track during the transition. It was a great help to me to have this visual and physical reminder that they were with me. My angels continue to use the repeating numbers to speak to me and help me know I am never alone.

The meanings of angel numbers 111 and 222 are copyrighted Wings Alive 2016

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