Dog Companions Can Reincarnate

It was a busy morning November 2013. My dog companion, iMac passed away of Addison's disease in our home. It took me several minutes to realize he had passed and I continued to talk to him at 5:00am that morning. iMac looked like he was peacefully asleep right outside my bedroom door. It was a blessing that he was able to transition in our home. I think he knew I did not have the strength to say goodbye or euthanize him, so he did it on his own.

I was so fortunate to know this loving and gentle soul for almost 13 years. It was February 2014, I was still grieving iMac. I had an angel reading scheduled with Memra of who allows me to speak directly to my angels via channeling. While I always connect intuitively with my angels, sometimes it really helps to ask them direct questions and Memra is a blessing in this way.

I had my questions ready and I was already crying about iMac. I planned on asking if he was alright on the other side and if he knew how much I missed and loved him. My angels laughed and then they surprised me (as they often do!) by telling me that iMac had already planned a come back! They told me to pay attention in the summer of 2014 so I would know where to get him as a new puppy. Of course, my mind began to race and fill with questions and worries that somehow I would make a mistake and miss getting him. They said not to worry that the signs would be obvious and I would know where he was. They described his ears and how cute he would be and they told me he wanted more training, that he would have a different personality in his next life and they described how he would behave when I met him the first time.

My angels helped me to remember that life is eternal for me and for my dog. Our souls live on forever and that animal companions have souls that live on also. Animals can come back quickly into another life, because they do not have a long life review after passing on. Humans do have a long life review and it can also take as many as 20 earth years for us to plan out our next life.

So if you have lost a beloved pet. Pay attention to the signs. Your animal companion could be coming back to you in a new package. You could experience a reunion with your best friend! To be continued...

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