Blessings and Dog Reincarnation

Dogs can reincarnate. I did not know this until my angels explained this in an angel reading in February 2014. They told me to pay attention so I would know where to pick up my dog reincarnated in a new body. iMac had been a 80 lb yellow labrador retriever. Shortly after my reading I began to day dream, talk to iMac and pray to God making requests for his new body. I asked for him to come back as a smaller breed so he would live longer. I asked for a non-shedding coat so I wouldn't have dog hair all over my home and clothing. I also asked for him to be smaller and calmer so I could bring him to my office. I prayed that if he was willing that perhaps he could get therapy dog certification.

Then life went on and I tried not to dwell on his upcoming arrival. The angels said sometime June to August the signs would appear to guide me. I found myself making up stories about getting him at an animal shelter and knowing it was him when I saw him. But, I tried to empty my mind of these ideas so I would be clear to receive the intuition and signs so I would not miss him.

I was working one day in early June and a client came in and randomly said, "I just saw a labradoodle at concert on the square and it made me think of you." Hmmm, interesting. I smiled and went on with my work. Next, a member of my networking group puts her phone up to play a video of her new puppy and says, "Look at my puppy, you should get one too!" Of course, this puppy was also a labradoodle so I realized this was two signs and could be confirmation. So I asked for the contact information on the breeder just in case this was a bread crumb leading to my dog. Alas all the puppies in that litter where already adopted so I just waited for another sign. To be continued...

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