Dog Reincarnation & Doubting the Signs

A few weeks after my networking friend showed me the video of her puppy Sammy the labradoodle, I received an email to say a puppy in the litter was now available for adoption. She sent the video of the puppies are 4 weeks old and I opened the video to see tiny red puppies in a bed with their mother.

I emptied my mind and tuned in as I watched the video. My intuition is often more of a knowing or a feeling and suddenly as I looked at the video the puppy with the purple collar seemed different. I watched as they crawled around and there was a moment of recognition for me with this "purple collared puppy." I flushed with joy at the thought that this was him. But, I knew all the puppies were adopted except one. And I did not yet know which puppy was available for adoption. The video continued and the breeder held up each puppy and said the names the families had chosen for each puppy.

I spent a few days doubting the feeling of recognition that I had with the purple collar puppy. I did not call the breeder. I waited for more signs. The breeder puts out a video every week, and I received the next video of the puppies in my email from my friend. And what a sign the purple collar puppy was the puppy - a male who was available! This was when the doubting began. Was it a coincidence? Can I trust my feelings and intuition that the purple collar puppy was a reincarnated iMac coming back to me?

So stay tuned to the next chapter of this true story as I grapple with trusting the signs. To be continued...

(Paisley was available as a guardian dog for the breeding program so I do not count her as available).

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