Fear, Doubt & Dog Reincarnation

So I called the breeder and asked about the purple collar puppy. I said I need to meet him, I think he is my dog who has come back to me. Of course, being your average person the breeder thought I was crazy. She said I am happy to hold this puppy for you, just tell me and put the deposit check in the mail and he is yours. I asked if I can meet him to confirm and if he was not my dog returning if I could get my deposit check refunded. She said no refunds. UGH! My mind raced, what if I was wrong about the purple collar puppy? What if I simply wanted iMac to be coming back in this cute, designer, non-shedding package? This particular dog is an expensive dog, not your average labradoodle, but a 10 generation Australian Labradoodle.

I told her no, I needed to meet him to know he is my dog. She asked when I could come to see him. It was Monday, and she was over an hour away. I could not come out until Saturday to meet him. She told me there were already two families coming to see this purple collar puppy and he would be gone if I did not tell her now that I wanted him.

Here is where I was trying to get some proof from God. In hind site, I know this was a complete lack of trust on my part. I was caught up in the fear of making a mistake. And I did not just want any dog, I wanted my dog. And this was an expensive dog too. I scheduled a visit for Saturday to meet the purple collar puppy. I told her no if he was really my dog he would still be available on Saturday. After all, he had been born to be my dog!

Another video came out and I felt very strongly that he was my dog. The week went on for what seemed like forever to get to Saturday. The breeder had told me if another family wanted him he would be theirs. She said someone was coming to see him on Thursday. Then, on Friday morning I received a call from the breeder. Oh no! Had the purple collar puppy been adopted? She said to me, "This might really be your dog." She shared that it was so odd that he had been passed by two families this week. I told her that I would be there the next day. To be continued...

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