Meeting the Purple Collar Puppy

I drove to the breeder, so excited to meet this puppy. So hoping he would behave as the angels had told me so I would know it was iMac returned. When I arrived there were two puppies, Sammy and the purple collar puppy. Sammy was my friend's puppy and if this was iMac he would get to see Sammy and grow up with him!

The puppies were cute and they would run up and say hi. The purple collar puppy began to drag a stuffed pheasant toy over to my purse. It was the same toy iMac had and I laughed wondering if it was another sign.

The breeder said, "hey she is not taking you home today and that is not yours." I told her my previous dog had a toy just like it. I was still waiting for him to do what the angels said he would do. I wanted him to me iMac, but he did not seem the same. They told me his personality would be different. An older dog is much different from a 5 week old puppy.

Then he wandered over to me and I picked him up and cuddled him. He almost immediately closed his eyes and went to sleep in my arms! Tears filled my eyes and my heart welled up with joy. The breeder looked at us and said that was very odd and that she had never seen anything like this before. I told her this was the sign I had been waiting for! That him recognizing me and going from the playful puppy to trusting me enough to go to sleep on me what the sign my angels had told me to look for to know it was iMac!

I gently put him on my lap and he continued to sleep. It suddenly sunk in -- this was my dog! In 3 weeks this puppy would be coming home to me. Now I looked at him and thought what is your name? I had three names in mind to see what fit him. Happy, Blazer or Augustus. I sat petting him and knew that this purple collar puppy was Augustus - or Auggie for short! Auggie Doggie :)

So believe in miracles and reincarnation and always trust the signs!

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