Dominion Over the Molecules & Attitude

One of the Four Powers is dominion over the molecules or dominion over the universe. This means that the molecules are constantly responding to what you think, feel and believe. Your mental attitude is a big part of this as well. A negative attitude can set many things in motion when we are not functioning consciously. Keeping up a positive mental attitude with intention and purpose will direct the molecules into a more joyful life. Your soul speaks to the molecules and gets its cues from all that you are feeling, saying and thinking in every moment. The molecules make up the reality that you experience around you. Think about that!

So what are you creating in your world today? Do you take things personally and get caught up in the drama on the internet and the news? Do you let others' feelings direct your course, or do you have a conscious approach to each day? It can help to wake up and set your intentions for your day. It is like putting a destination in your GPS rather than aimlessly driving.

I am human. Sometimes I get a negative attitude. It can sneak up on me if I am around too many stressed or negative people, or if I am spending too much time on the internet or watching television. Once I notice the attitude I can decide to change it. Be gentle with yourself when you notice the bad attitude. But address it right away.

One helpful tool when things get stuck in a negative attitude is to simply take the time to write out what is bothering me with the intention that the energies, thoughts, feelings, beliefs are all going right into the paper as I right. I acknowledge my feelings and the situation and I intend with the Creator that all of it is moving out of me and into the paper. Then I shred/destroy/burn the paper while I request that God transmute the energies and remove them from me physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, energetically, on conscious, unconscious, sub-atomic and inter-dimensional levels. Afterward I always fill up with divine light, all my good and divine truth. This works wonders to clear out whatever is coming up for me.

Then I say, "God, thank you for now giving me a divine attitude adjustment. Fill me with a positive attitude now."

A long term negative attitude can have serious health implications, as well as creating many unpleasant experiences in our lives. This is also why it is helpful to have daily spiritual practice to keep your mental attitude on track with positive attitude, intention and mindfulness. Surround yourself with uplifting and positive statements and reminders to assist you to stay in your divine center.

The Four Powers are copyrighted Wings Alive 2016

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