Doubting the Divine and Control

We all want things to go as we plan in life. We all wish we could have guarantees and control the outcome of experiences and situations. I suppose this is human nature. The personality-ego-logical mind thinks it can manage situations and make things happen. The problem is that by letting our mind manage and control the situations it is often pulling us out of our Divine connection.

To truly live a spiritually connected life we have to learn to trust. We need to have faith in the Divine and allow it to guide us. The mind will look for proof, guarantees and ways to control situations. We cannot control the Divine. When we fall into doubt, in essence we are trying to control God. We are wanting something, but we want something with strings attached.

The Creator gave us the power to manifest our reality by dominating the molecules with our thought, feelings and beliefs. But the Creator did not give us control of all outcomes or of others. Trust in your intention. Infuse situations with Divine intention and the outcome will be amazing!

Going back to my previous posts and the story of meeting my dog -- I wanted to know that it would be alright in the end. I wanted a guarantee I was not making a mistake and choosing the wrong puppy. Throughout that experience I was receiving many signs and confirmations from God and my Angels. I knew that puppy was my dog. But, my mind wanted proof! Of course, my Angels had given me a way to confirm and have that proof. The proof was the puppy crawling on my lap and going to sleep. So after the proof I felt the confidence to take the leap of faith. But, that meant I was not taking the leaf of faith!

I feel that entire experience was a huge example of how we have our guidance, and we know the truth of the matter, yet our mind gets in the way and says "yeah, but" or "what if I am wrong". What does this do when we fall into our mind and these doubts? What does it do when we seek to control the outcome by wanting guarantees on every situation? It takes us into separation from the Divine. Truly we are never separately from our soul or God, but when we are centered in our Divine Self and trust our intuition that connection grows stronger. And when we fall into wanting to control outcomes and doubting our intuition we separate ourselves from our center and that inner voice connection to the Divine.

Recognizing this within myself and having the awareness to re-center and trust has been my path to staying strong with my Divine guidance and intuition. The mind does not always feel comfortable with this. But my awareness of my mind and my connection to the Divine is my priority. I practice. I continue to pull myself out of the mind, out of the doubt and back into the trust. Believe me some days are harder than others. Honor yourself and trust that the Divine has the most perfect outcome planned for you. Even if it is not what you expected or had planned. Usually, the Divine has a BIGGER plan for you and your only job is to be open enough to receive that abundance and stay in your Divine connection.

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