The Four Powers from the Creator

I have had the blessing of many teachers in my life. Everyone is a potential messenger or teacher. I want to share the Four Powers that I learned from Archangel Haniel as channeled through Audrey Cole. It is helpful to understand the dynamics of manifestation in our life so we can work with this consciously and create the life we want. The creator gave us amazing powers and when we harness are mind to work with these truths we can truly experience miracles in our lives.

Here are your FOUR POWERS:

1. Dominion over the molecules. The molecules do what you say. Your thoughts, attitudes, feeling and beliefs are the blueprint for the Universe to bring the people, circumstances and opportunities in your life. This never stops you are always creating.

2. Free Will. Only your thoughts and beliefs create your world. Nobody else's. You have free will to think and believe what you want. Period.

3. The Right to Name Your World. You can decide to change your world and most of us have not done this with any intention.

4. All the good the Creator has for you is already yours without needing to prove it or deserve it. This means you just need to receive and be open to your good in a bigger way in your life. Receive without conditions on worthiness or deserving.

I will write more about these in upcoming blogs. The important thing to know is that the Creator does not rest. The Creator is always creating your reality through these Four Powers. Bring more intention and awareness into your life and watch your life blossom!

The Four Powers and channeled information from Archangel Haniel are copyrighted Wings Alive 2016

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