No Mistakes – Gain Experience

Many individuals are fearful and anxious about the future. Anxiety can bring us into paralysis where there is fear of making any decision. Often this fear comes from us not being certain of the outcome or having the process be out of our control.

We can not control all situations and we cannot control other people. We can control our attitude, our thoughts and ourselves. When we are able to hold positive attitude and have awareness of our thoughts we can more effectively direct our life. Our thoughts, feelings and beliefs direct our reality. See previous posts about Dominion Over the Molecules and The Four Powers.

Another concept that can be helpful is to understand that we come into this life to have experience. On a spiritual level we have chosen to have diverse experiences and when we are on the other side we do not view these through the lens of duality. We come into this life and we experience duality with a mind that categorizes everything into opposites. Good or bad, right or wrong, etc.

All experience leads to wisdom. Knowledge can be acquired from a book, wisdom is lived. Wisdom is experienced. It is the depth of the experiences in duality that assist us to grow in our wisdom. This is one of the purposes of life itself. We come into third dimension, we live as human and we experience duality.

We gain wisdom through “good and bad” experiences that assist us to fully live our purpose. When we realize that truly we never have made a mistake it sets us free. When we can understand this truth it can remove a layer of fear and anxiety from our lives. We always make the best decisions in every moment based on what we know at that time. This means whatever our decision it is perfect for us at that time and for the experiences we are here to learn at that time. Nothing is a mistake. Experience help us grow. So free yourself from self-doubt and criticism and trust that you know the answer for you. If you experience something that does not work for you, that is OK. You can make a new decision tomorrow. Set yourself free and remove the concept of mistakes from your life. Let go of fear and anxiety and embrace your wisdom!

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