Meeting Donna Eden and the Zip Up

I am taking a wonderful video course online with Donna Eden author of Energy Medicine. I actually met Donna at a live event in Chicago in 1997. I had just signed up for my Reiki First Degree course and was beginning to explore energy. I was fascinated by the concepts of working with energy and yet at the time I was not aware of how important it would be in my life. I was also unaware of how sensitive I was to others energies.

Donna called people from the audience on the stage that day. She would look out into the audience and look at your energy field and call you up when she wanted to demonstrate an energy exercise. I was called up for the "Zip Up".

Once on stage she showed the audience how I was negatively influenced and weakened in the energy test by others energies as well as their thoughts about me or other negative things they thought about as they looked at me. She even had then "look me down" like a person might scan you and judge what you are wearing. Even that weakened me!

Then she taught me the Zip Up and tested me again and I was strong no matter what the audience did or thought. Having an energy field that is not weakened by others good.

The Zip Up is easy to do. Begin with your hands on the center of your body at the pubic bone. Take a deep breath and gently swipe your hands up the center of your body tracing the Central Meridian (Ren Mai) up to your lower lip. You will do this three times while breathing deeply, swiping up the center of your body to the lower lip as if you are pulling a zipper closed. Then you intend that you are locking the zipper to your lower lip and throwing away the key.

The Zip Up is a great exercise to do everyday to build confidence, clarity and inner strength while keeping you protected in your own energy. It helps you feel strong even if there is negative energy around you.

You can look up Donna Eden videos on youtube. She also has books teaching these powerful tools. They are easy to do and they really do help your health and well-being by strengthening your energy field.

Zip Up is Copyright Innersource 2016.

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