Post-Eclipse Wounded Child Clearing

The lunar eclipse on August 7/8, 2017 brought up emotions and patterns of the inner wounded child. These are the programs that typically run subconsciously within us. These subconscious programs have an impact on our reality, so it is good when we can see these patterns for what they are rather than remaining hidden.

The solar eclipse represents the light of our soul coming in to bring the truth into the misunderstanding of the inner wounded child. And although the solar eclipse has come and gone there are shadows and wounded child emotions, thoughts, patterns and beliefs that many are clearing and will continue to clear over the coming months.

The wounded child shows us ways that we are not accepting and loving ourselves fully by bringing to light the fears, grief, shame, anger, sadness, guilt, judgment and whatever other emotions under the surface. We may notice patterns and coping strategies that we have worked on before, but there can be other layers of it coming up now. Examples of coping strategies we have out of wounded child could be things like: over-responsibility, people pleasing, need to fix others, insecurity, boundary problems, not good enough, over-achieving, perfectionism, etc.

These changes are happening for all of humanity. This is an opportunity for the wounded child to come into reconciliation and back into the light, love, safety and confidence of the soul.

moreWhen we are not conscious or in awareness — these patterns and emotions may come up as reactivity, being ungrounded, acting out emotions, negative thinking and self-talk, or acting out old coping strategies or old patterns (to name just a few ways).

And for those who are more aware of this process you may be noticing the feelings and thoughts of the wounded child — and it may surprise you if you typically are happy and centered. Just know that if you are noticing the drama and story of the wounded child you have this wonderful opportunity to allow it to heal.

To fully love the wounded child and recognize that the patterns, thoughts and feelings that are coming up through the wounded child are simply not true. These old misunderstandings from the wounded child are clearing and can be resolved.

Acknowledge the wounded child for doing the best they could and loving that child - love and accept those younger aspects of yourself that just did not know what you know now. Consciously acknowledge that “the story” of the old wounds is simply not the truth!

Understand that if you are energetically sensitive you may be feeling other’s emotions. And we are all dealing with other people who are overwhelmed and who are reacting to this change.

Just remember this is good change! We have so many amazing tools with reiki and powerful prayers to manage our energetic fields to help with this. So pay attention to your internal guidance and use good self-care. We are in another wonderful cycle of growth.

SOURCES for this are my personal experiences and intuition, observations of others around me, as well as channeling by Memra of copyright 2017

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