Signs You are About to Shift

There are some signs that sometimes happen before we make a positive shift in our energy and our healing. It is helpful to know about this, because if you do not know you may feel like you are falling backward rather than about to spring forward.

You might notice old thoughts, patterns or feelings coming up. The inner dialogue can become very “loud” in your awareness as you notice the thoughts, patterns and feelings. You may start to identify with the inner dialogue since it is “loud” and you are noticing it. You may perceive this as “negative” and start to go into fear or self-judgement.

The positive thing that is so important to remember here – is that you are noticing these things! Awareness is the light of higher consciousness showing you these patterns. Before a shift occurs it is normal that you notice them even more. It does not mean these thoughts, patterns and feelings are happening more frequently, it may just be that you are noticing them now.

During this time the ego mind can get very persistent with these themes as it struggles to hold onto “control” of situations in your life. The ego may go into fear if you are not mindful. Just remember the fact that you are noticing this is big. These patterns can be bubbling up to be cleared and released as they leave forever.

But here is the key — now is the time to be very conscious and mindful so you do shift. Keep up your self-care, meditation, mindfulness, write and release, prayer, affirmations and other spiritual practice. Do not fall into the traps of fear in the ego mind that may pull you away from all that has gotten you to this point.

The ego mind may feel much “louder” as it tries desperately to hold onto the perceived “control” of the situation. (Of course, the ego mind never actually had control in the first place.)

The ego mind may go into fear of the coming shift and the change that is about to happen. It is completely natural for the ego mind to feel this way about change and the unknown.

The ego mind does not know God. It does not understand levels of higher consciousness of your soul and your True Self. But, it is this True Self and that higher awareness coming from your soul that is part of why you are suddenly noticing these patterns of thoughts and feelings. You are seeing behind the curtain of the ego mind – so to speak.

Embrace this awareness and acknowledge whatever is coming up in the ego mind as thoughts and feelings. Notice from the vantage point of your True Self that much of these things that are flowing from the ego mind are not even true.

It can be that simple. Simply acknowledge what you are feeling or thinking. The “Blah, blah, blah”. And then acknowledge that you indeed know that “That is not true”. You shine the light of consciousness on the situation, the thoughts, the feelings, the pattern as Eckhart Tolle describes in his books.

“The light of consciousness is all that is necessary. You are that light.” – Eckhart Tolle

This is where the mindfulness of higher consciousness is so important so you do not go into the fear. Allow the shift to happen.

Things you can notice in the ego mind:

  1. Fears come up.

  2. Fear of change, fear of the unknown.

  3. The ego mind may go into denial, resistance, avoidance.

  4. Fear of the unknown and the change may have you running away from the self-care, spiritual practices and tools that were supporting the shift.

  5. Some may stop doing things that were helping them move forward due to the discomfort of the situation – maybe they are not ready to let go yet.

  6. Some may shift all the focus on another “problem” or “person” rather than look at themselves and admit what is going on.

  7. Some may start to identify with the feelings or thoughts that are coming up and can fall deeply into those patterns again for a time and they may not even see what is happening so the shift does not occur at this time.

  8. Avoidance, resistance and denial can get us running from the shift by feeding into the old behaviors, feelings and patterns in the thinking.

So what does this mean? It means when it gets really uncomfortable in the healing process it is totally natural to feel fear, resistance, denial and avoidance.

Many times our soul is fully committed to the spiritual growth within our life. But, our ego mind does not understand what that means. So ego mind falls into the fear and avoids what is best for us. By knowing this we can stay the course during these shifts in our growth.

The solution is to hold strong and do not give up your spiritual practice. You now know that a shift is coming very soon when you feel this. Avoid the pitfalls listed above. Be strong in your spiritual practice and awareness. Reach out to others who may be available to assist you with the discomfort of the situation. Use your tools!

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