Sinus Testimonials

Acupuncture and Diet Resolve Chronic Sinus Infection
"I am so thankful for Kathleen's help. I had a sinus infection that was giving me headaches and misery for a month. 2 rounds of antibiotics didn't clear it, but the acupuncture did! I was amazed, after the first couple sessions my sinuses completely cleared! Kathleen also gave me great nutritional advice that drastically improved my health overall. I suffer from Irritable Bowl Syndrome too, but with diet changes and acupuncture it has basically turned into a non-issue! I am so grateful for Kathleen and all acupuncture has done for me. Thanks!" - SS

Sinus Issues and Back Pain Relieved

"I felt very comfortable. You know your stuff and are very approachable and open. I've only had one session; I've picked up on one thing about you, is you practice what you preach, a positive roll model. Thank you for that. In you treating body, mind, & spirit, my session brought back my spirit and more calm and have been feeling stronger on all levels. Seeing as though I'm a baby about using sinus rinses, I choose to get the antibiotic and take along with serrapeptase. If I ever feel sinus issue in future I'll use the rinse right away. I also got more relief on the low back pain than I thought I would, seeing as though the focus of my session was immune/sinus. Thank you again and very nice meeting you." - Judith H, 2014