What is Spirituality Infused Healing?


Spirituality is the connection within yourself to something special that is within all life. By building this connection with awareness our life can flow more easily and with greater joy. 


Sometimes we get off course and we need some gentle reminders to get re-connected to the truth within. Kathleen provides the coaching to assist with this connection. It is always within you and it strengthens when we give it proper attention. 


Spirituality is not religion. It is not based in any one religion. Your spirituality is unique to you. Kathleen is experienced with assist individuals to comfortably access ways to be connected to the strength and empowerment within through spirituality.


The Divine connection within all of life and all of us. 


All healing is spiritual, it cannot be separated out.

Kathleen provides tools and insights to assist you with opening up to your spiritual connection in a positive empowered way. Intention, affirmations, prayers are helpful tools. Awareness of your current thoughts, feelings and beliefs is helpful to navigate what you are currently creating in your life. Tools to let go of past patterns and move into what you want in life are introduced as appropriate. 

Infusing these concepts and awareness is so integral to healing. Positive attitude is vital to successful healing.  It is the reconnection and activation of the Divine blueprint within you that keeps the body healthy. We can lose this connection through trauma, negative situations/people and long term rigid attitudes about life. Reconnecting to this truth within you is the spark of all healing whether it is acupuncture, reiki, homeopathic, herbs, surgery, physical rehabilitation or prescription medications. 


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