Testimonials for Kathleen Stoneman

What some of Kathleen's clients have said in reviews...


Acupuncture Wonder! have been going to Metamorphosis for acupuncture for about 3 months and it is one of the best parts of my week. Kathleen helps me both mentally and emotionally. It's so relaxing and therapeutic, she really helps me focus on what is important. I can't imagine not going. I would recommend metamorphosis to anyone. - Melissa

Thanks to Acupuncture & Kathleen Having being seen by Kathleen for acupuncture for infertility, I am amazed by how my life has changed. She has changed not only my energy and body, but also my mind. She has positively challenged me to be the best person I can be and to focus on my whole self. 


Holistic Skeptic to Believer I want to start out by saying that prior to my experience with Kathleen I was the type of person who would have laughed at the idea of someone doing Holistic medicine. Kathleen has turned the skeptic in me into a believer. I started seeing Kathleen to help with infertility. She has helped on this front, but also helped with other issues I have been dealing with. - Mike

My acupuncture treatments have been very beneficial and re-energizing. I look forward to coming back for each session. Thank you!


Acupuncture and more I had never been to an acupuncturist until December, 2013. I went in with several health concerns and after the first visit, my low back pain, stagnant blood (which had prevented me for a normal menstrual cycle) had been resolved. We have since been working on other issues like weight, mood, and high blood pressure. Working with Kathleen has changed my life for the positive. 


Talented, caring, compassionate practitioner Kathleen is fantastic to work with. She is very warm and supportive and committed to helping you be your healthiest self. She has excellent technical skills and provides unique insights into your well being. I highly recommend her. - Jay


 Acupuncture for tendonitis and hand pain Kathleen treated a case of tendonitis I had years ago with acupuncture, helping to heal it within just weeks. So, I sought her out when another case of tendonitis accompanied by hand pain occurred recently. Her skilled acupuncture techniques along with her compassionate and patient manner has once again been instrumental in my healing process. I am grateful to have reconnected with her and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking acupuncture treatments! - Stephanie