Testimonials for Kathleen Stoneman

Invests Time to Get Results
"Kathleen is a gifted and knowledgeable practitioner.  She has given me pain relief and healing in many areas.  I have had painful GI issues that no one else could resolve until her.  She has assisted me with severe neck pain and hormone issues.  Kathleen is intuitive and invests time with her patients to get results.  I consider myself fortunate to have her as one of my most valued resources." - SB

Let Go of Fear and Control and Come Back to Present Moment

"My daughter has a connective tissue disorder (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome); which is a chronic condition, without a finish line, and can at times be debilitating. As a parent, it is so hard to see someone you love hurting so much. I had really been struggling and was stuck in a place of fear and protectiveness. Working with Kathleen has helped me step away from the injustice of this condition and come back to the present moment. I really appreciate her energy work and mentorship as I work on letting go of my fear and control. I truly feel lighter after a Reiki Healing Session. This work doesn’t change my daughter’s condition BUT it does change how I respond to it and as a result, I expend far less energy on counterproductive thoughts/emotions/actions. For anyone that is feeling stuck, or energetically trapped, I’d highly recommend reaching out to Kathleen." – CB


Not Just Acupuncture - Kathleen Truly Cares

"I have been working with Kathleen for almost a year as part of my fertility journey.  Although I am still in the midst of this journey, Kathleen has helped me so much in many aspects of my life.  My original intention when going to see Kathleen was to receive acupuncture treatments, which I have found Kathleen is very talented at.  After each acupuncture appointment I feel very relaxed and refreshed.  Each acupuncture treatment is unique based on your needs at the time. However, after my first appointment with Kathleen I realized that I was going to get so much more out of my appointments than acupuncture.  Kathleen gets to know you and treats all aspects of your life – diet, exercise, lifestyle habits, and mental and emotional health.  A visit with Kathleen is like seeing a therapist, nutritionist, and acupuncturist all in one. At each appointment she takes the time to talk with you to see how you are doing.  I never feel rushed like I do in a doctor’s office.  Kathleen puts a lot of effort into getting to know you personally.  She is so in touch with me that sometimes I think she knows more about how I am feeling than I do. Kathleen has helped me become a better person overall, beyond my fertility issues.  She has helped me learn to listen to myself, taught me breathing techniques, and helped me manage stress.  Kathleen truly cares about the well-being of each person that she works with." -AM

Gets to Root of Health Concerns with Acupuncture and Herbs
“Kathleen Stoneman is a caring health care professional who is excellent at what she does. She goes the extra mile to get to the root of health concerns and is continuously reading and researching to identify treatment options whether focused on acupuncture, herbs, nutritional supplements, etc. Working with Kathleen has greatly improved my health and state of mind and has uncovered some of the roots of health problems that have been plaguing me for years.” - KC


Great Results for Overall Health with Acupuncture
“I worked with Kathleen for over 2 years while I lived in Madison, WI. I began acupuncture out of curiosity, but continued because Kathleen was fantastic to work with and provided great results. She focuses on your overall health and wellness and genuinely cares about you. I have highly recommended her to my friends in Madison and will continue to do so.” - JW

Dramatic Improvements in GI Issues, Stress, Energy, Chronic Pain

"I have been seeing Kathleen at Metamorphosis Holistic Health for the past two years. I am pleased to be able to say she has helped make dramatic improvements in my health and well being that others were unable to accomplish. Kathleen is a wealth of knowledge and experience and I am grateful to have this caliber of a professional to work with. Kathleen's approach has effectively addressed significant GI issues, stress, energy levels and chronic neck pain." -SR

Feeling Better with Acupuncture
"I’ve been going to Kathleen Stoneman for acupuncture for quite some time. My experience has been wonderful. Kathleen has helped me tremendously with a variety of, what I thought were unusual and disconnected symptoms. One thing that is so helpful is that she is able to put a host of symptoms together to make sense out of them and find a connection in a way that Western medicine doesn’t do. This was not only comforting to me but provided hope that I might actually start eliminating the problems I was facing.  Every time that I leave an acupuncture appointment I feel better, my symptoms are lessened and I feel hopeful that my situation is manageable. Kathleen communicates well, takes her time to understand my symptoms and issues and provides me with clear information. Her guidance has been most helpful to me in keeping me healthy and getting any problem areas treated." - SH

At Ease with Acupuncture and Herbs
“Kathleen Stoneman has been my acupuncturist/herbalist for several years. She is very knowledgeable and capable as an acupuncturist/herbalist. Kathleen has the ability to put an apprehensive patient at ease. Her knowledge of herbs has helped me out several times over the years. Ms. Stoneman is also a very caring individual worthy of a patients trust.” - TL

Holistic Health Care for Both Mom and Dad Results in Healthy Baby Boy

My husband and I began receiving care from our "true healer", as we call Kathleen Stoneman, in early Spring of 2015. We had been through one failed round of IVF for a male factor infertility diagnosis. Prior to my husband undergoing sperm extraction at Mayo Clinic, we sought care from Kathleen, and began realizing there was much more to gain from holistic health care than just increasing our chances of success with assisted reproductive therapy. I started going to her a few months before starting the oral contraceptives as part of an IVF cycle, and she performed acupuncture which helped me sleep better, have regular bowel movements, and allowed me a time for relaxation that I was never "finding time for" in my busy life of working as a nurse and commuting each day.


Not only did I undergo a regimented schedule of acupuncture throughout the IVF process, but Kathleen's dog, Auggie, is her spiritual business and life partner, and he startled me when I was devastated that the only surviving embryo transferred to me may not result in the creation of life that my husband and I so desperately wanted. As I was leaving her office that week one day, Kathleen said, "I will see you next week... pregnant". I was encouraged by her excitement, but to my absolute astonishment, she was right!!! It worked! And there is no doubt in my mind that the needle points Kathleen used to improve blood flow to my uterus, the suggestions of what to eat throughout the high hormone level stimulation cycle, and the enthusiastic life coaching she provided helped create our miracle. Baby Jameson was born March 24, 2016!


I saw Kathleen throughout my pregnancy as she recommended. When I was 39 weeks and 2 days pregnant, I was ready in all aspects to deliver my baby, and Kathleen performed acupuncture on specific needle points which likely assisted my labor to begin naturally THAT NIGHT!!!  I have never been so thankful and completely satisfied with the care I have received from any provider, as I am with the treatment I have been given from Kathleen. Laying on her table, completely relaxed, I always go through a list of deserving friends and family members that I wish I could gift an acupuncture package to. I will continue to have pre-tax flex spending money taken out of my paychecks to cover seeing Kathleen as my acupuncturist, because she is so much more than that, and that is EXACTLY what it means to receive holistic health care." - MS